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Retro Rainbow Colours

Being an ‘Ozbarginer’ – I often spend too much time refreshing their main page hoping to get on the next great deal!

When 8 rechargeable eneloop batteries for $19.99 delivered came up the other week it was too good of a deal to pass up so I brought them. They’ll come in handy for testing out old toys, handheld video games and the like!

Upon receiving my package I eagerly opened it up, and was surprised to see how closely the colours of the 2012 manufactured batteries (5th anniversary addition) matched a set of 1960’s retro anodised cups I have.

Retro Colours


Mirror, Mirror on the wall………..

Sometimes a piece of furniture is too far gone to be repaired or restored…….That can be said about the original dressing table that this mirror came from. It had a really funky design but was just too badly damaged to justify restoring it.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as it allowed me to salvage this quirky, almost love-heart shaped mirror. To be honest, on the initial purchase of the dressing table it was the shape of the mirror that first caught my eye!

During the pull down of the mirror’s frame I was pleased to find an original date stamp on the back of the mirror – April 23 1958.

I reinforced the timber frame, both on the inside and out to take the weight once the mirror is in place. I also added a nice thick piece of teak (originally a support from the rear of the dressing table) for the bottom edge of the mirror to rest on. I oiled this piece up, and for contrast painted the the back and side edge in a vivid white low sheen paint.

I think this piece would look great hanging in the entrance way of a home, or even sitting above the mantle of a fire place in your retro living room!

Keep an eye out for it in the store within the coming weeks!

Atomic Era Retro Mirror

Restoration Complete!

Well, its done! I finished off the restoration of the Parker chair over the weekend, and I must say I am very happy with the results.

Sporting new elastic webbing, fresh dunlop foam on both the seat and back support and   new upholstery, this chair has been brought back to the condition it was when it rolled out of the Parker factory over 35 years ago!

The chair will be for sale on the website within the next few weeks, or alternatively if interested you can contact me via the contact page on the blog.

Retro Teak Parker ChairI’d also like to thank Laura and Katie from Flourish and Blume who gave me some great advice on materials and specific upholstery techniques. The girls were extremely friendly and helpful!

Be sure to check out their blog here —>        They do some awesome quality work which most definitely provides inspiration for myself.

I’ll also add their blog to my list of recommended links on the home page.


Blacksmith Tools – Bottom Swage

One of the things I enjoy chasing are good quality old tools. Whether it be old chisels, hand planes, axes, socket sets, hammers, spanners, etc I really appreciate the workmanship and quality that old tools possess.

Alot of the time a large majority of the tools I buy (with the intention of selling) end up in my own collection. This one however, will be going to auction.

Its a half round bottom swage that a blacksmith would of used in his anvil to shape hot steel from the forge. The interesting thing about this swage though are it’s markings.

Clearly stamped with the Broad Arrow and ‘DD’ (standing for Department of Defence) this swage definitely has an Australian military history.

I wonder what early military tools this bottom swage helped create…….?

Broad Arrow Department of Defence Tool

Parker ‘Captains’ Chair Update

Thought I’d share a few progress pictures of the Parker chair I am currently restoring.

In the last update I had just finished sanding back the frame. After cleaning the dust off I made up a 50/50 mix of linseed oil and mineral turpentine (turps) and applied it using a cotton cloth. I repeated the process once a day for 3 days and finished it off by buffing the frame with a soft cloth.

As you can see the results are very impressive! The finish really highlighted the beautiful grain of the teak.

Stay tuned for the final part of the restoration, the re-upholstering of the seat and back support

Retro Teak Parker chair

Retro 1960’s VOGUE Pattern Book

Check out this retro 1960’s VOGUE pattern book I came across the other day. Full of patterns from some of VOGUE’s biggest designers inclduing Jo Mattli, Givenchy, Grès and Christian Dior to name a few.

Now I would say I’m not hugely into women’s fashion, however this definitely is a very cool piece, with hundreds of brightly illustrated designs from an era that broke many fashion traditions.

Retro Clothing Pattern book