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Errr….Laser What?

Check out these 2 Laser Disc titles I came across the other week.

2 PAL Laser Discs

Terminator 2 and Ghost in a Shell. Both are pretty cool titles. Terminator 2 is a Special edition and offers a behind the scenes look at the blockbuster movie whilst Ghost in the Shell in a Japanese Animation film from the mid 90’s which has quite a large cult following.

For more info on Laser Discs be sure to check out Wikipedia’s page –


Ebay Listings 22/5/12

Another 3 listings kicked off last night.

We have a nice matching pair of retro/mid century bedsides.

An Australian Army Dress Cap .

And probably my favourite eBay listing so far. A super cute childrens outdoor setting dating from the 1950/60’s.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

Vintage 1950/60’s Candy Coloured Children’s Outdoor Setting

How cute is this children’s outdoor setting? Dating from the 1950/60’s it’s modelled off the larger, adult sized outdoor settings except this one is for the little people in your life.

It originally would of been painted in multiple colours, much like a candy cane (hence its name). You can still see the original colours faintly on top, however when you flip the table or chair over the paint/colour is still quite bright as its been protected from the elements.

A very nice feature of this setting is that both chairs still don the original brass manufacturers plaque which reads – ‘Another A.W.A Frazer Product’.

All in all a very nice setting which would be an easy restoration project for someone. How cool would it be if Mum and Dad had the adults setting out in the back yard, and just next to it was the kids smaller, matching setting!

Candy Cane Coloured Retro Kids Garden Setting

Its that time of year again! State of Origin!

State of Origin! Perhaps the most anticipated sporting event in Australia. Next Wednesday night it kicks off down in Melbourne and I’m sure there are a lot of you who cannot wait! Myself included.

Tonight I thought I’d share an interesting board game I came across a few weeks back. Its called ‘The Rugby League State of Origin Football Game’ and dates from 1985 which is pretty early in the scheme of State of Origin.

It comprises of a cardboard field, little plastic players, a football, and cards which you select. These cards give you directions on how the game is played. Definitely a lot different to the modern rugby league videos games on consoles like the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3!

Overall it’s a pretty cool piece. Love the old school graphics on the cover. Would make a great piece for a collector of Rugby League related items!

I’ll be taking advantage of the hype State of Origin creates to try and help sell this board game. Looking to list it on eBay a week before game 2 in Sydney, and have it end the Tuesday night before the game! Very interested to see how it goes.

1980's Board Game - State of Origin

Ebay Listings

Following on from our listings that ended tonight we have another 4 listings this week.

Our Iconic Snelling Kitchen/Dining Chairs that we previewed last week.

2 nice vintage Aboriginal prints by Peg Maltby. These date from the 1950/60’s.

Another vintage Aladdin/Stanley thermos. Condition is a little down from the one we previously listed however still functions exactly as it should.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

Auction Reminder!

Hello all. Just a quick little reminder that our ebay auctions from last week are nearing their completion. With over 400 pages views and 50+ watchers spread out across our 4 items we are very pleased with the results so far. These numbers help show us that we are on the right track in regards to listing items that attract interest!

Stay tuned as tomorrow night after 8 we’ll have some new ebay listings active!

Iconic Snelling Chairs

Check out these iconic kitchen chairs. Designed by Douglass Snelling and manufactured by Functional Products Pty Ltd in the late 1940’s they are instantly recognisable with their  with maple frames, tapered legs, boomerang-shaped sides, and interwoven webbing.

Mid Century Design - Snelling Chairs

Unfortunately these chairs have seen better days. The frames have various cracks from general use and have been strengthened using door hinges (why? LOL). It appears they have been restored previously (perhaps 10 – 15 years ago) with a varnish style finish and new white webbing. Unfortunately during the previous restoration the Snelling stamp on all 3 chairs has been removed however due to their design as mentioned above they are easily recognisable.

When fully restored these chairs can fetch up to $550 each. A long way away from what their starting price will be ($19.99) on eBay when I list them next week.

If you’re handy with the tools, and are looking for a new restoration project, then these chairs might be just what you’re after!

Ad for Snelling Chairs


Ebay Listings

Kicked off the eBay listings tonight. Started with 4 items. Pretty diverse mix.

TAMA Drum Stool/Throne for all you drummers out there.

Vintage Aladdin Stanley Thermos. Most definitely needed coming into the winter months!

Nice retro Olivetti Valentine Typewriter. These are a classic designer piece from the late 1960’s.

Vintage State Rail esky by Willow. These were possibly issued by State/City rail to the train drivers. Nice collectable item.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!


Retro Gaming!

We all remember being a little kid playing a video game of some description. My first recollection of gaming was on a table top Donkey Kong arcade game. 

I have fond memories of this game, and searching for it online has brought back a heap of feel good memories. I’d love to have another turn of climbing the ladders and jumping the barrels.

We have quite a collection of ‘retro’ gaming consoles and games at Still Broke Enterprises and look forward to offering you the chance to purchase and re-play some of those classics from 5 – 30 years ago!Retro Gaming

Be sure to keep an eye on the ‘Retro’ category in the Online store as that will be where we list them for sale! Until then be sure to have a browse through a couple of good retro gaming blogs I’ve found online.