Got A Light?

Picked up these cigars at a local market a few weeks ago.

Unopened vintage cigars

Now I’m not a smoker however when I came across these cigars and saw that they were in their original cigar box/packaging I had to ‘take a punt’.

We have 2 different brands. One being an unopened package of Dutch Masters ‘President’ Cigars. The others being ‘Flor Fina Exceptionales – Exquisitos – SENATOR’. The seal/box has been opened, however all cigars are still there. I must say I really like the fact that the Dutch Masters are still in there original packaging, especially considering the packaging is plastic wrapping/cardboard.

It’s a little hard to accurately date them seeing I don’t know a whole lot about cigars but I would guess they possibly date from the 1970’s?

All in all both are interesting pieces of tobacciana which in turn has helped to broaden my knowledge just that little bit more!

During my research I came across Cigars Australia website (which you can find @ It has a wealth of information along with an active forum which is always great.

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