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Updates & Changes

Tonight I thought I’d post a small update on some changes that we will be implementing in the coming weeks.

Up until now, larger items we came across were listed both in the online store & on eBay at random times. We are trying to move away from this randomness, and into a more structured way of doing things.

The plan is to list our larger furniture items in our online store during the first week of every month. For example so far this week (being the first of the month) we have had come online –

  • Danish Deluxe 3 piece lounge suite
  • 1950’s Combination Unit

Along with plans to list a

  • Parker Coffee table
  • Retro Teak Drawer Unit
  • John Grimes Telephone Table
  • Large fully refurbished sideboard/buffet

by weeks end.

Our eBay account will continue to list items weekly, focusing more so on smaller items, however larger items definitely will pop up for auction from time to time.

The blog as it has from the beginning will continue to be used weekly to preview upcoming items, restoration projects, eBay listings along with general information.

Exciting times ahead!

Help Save This Mid Century Parker Dressing Table!

On a trip up to Canberra today I came across this dressing table.

1950's Parker Dressing Table

It was the same one that was there a few weeks back when I popped into the same shop. Looking a little unloved and sitting by itself I recognised (after the first time seeing it) it as being from Parkers range of Mid Century furniture.

Image from a 1950's Parker Catalogue

Now I don’t have an exact date from the catalogue, but I believe it would date from the early 1950’s.

The mirror has a few small chips and is missing 1 or 2 of the ‘claw’ feet that hold the mirror in place along with one of the drawer runners needing repair but apart from those issues it really is in pretty good condition for its age.

And now for the price! Well lets just say that if you could go without 2 large coffees from your regular coffee house this piece could be yours!

Why didn’t I buy it you ask? Well the first time I saw it I wasn’t 100% sure it was a Parker piece (however the research following assured me it was). And today? Well unfortunately Jim (my Ute) was full and I had no more room for this little piece.

I feel a little bad really, almost as if I left it behind with its future uncertain. Will it find a new loving home? Or will it be on the next load to land fill?

So people, if you are in the Canberra region, and like the lines and design of this Mid century dressing table by Parker Furniture be sure to get in contact with me and I will pass on the details………..whether or not it’s still there though is another thing!


Vintage Halvorsen Boat Parts

On a recent trip down the coast I came across this lot of Halvorsen boat parts.

Old Clinker Boat Parts 1950/60's

To cut a long story short, basically the guy who I brought the items from had plans to restore an old Halvorsen boat that use to run around Sydney harbour in the 1950’s/1960’s. One thing lead to another and eventually the project got scrapped, leaving these pieces behind.

The parts include 2 bronze propellers attached to solid stainless steel drive shafts approximately 2 meters long, 2 bronze rudder posts, 1 helm (steering wheel) and 2 filler necks/caps.

All look to be in good condition for their age along with having a great patina (geez I sound like Rick from Pawn Stars LOL).

It would be a shame to see these usable parts sold for scrap, so hopefully within the next few months when I start to advertise them (being quite a specialist lot of items)  I’ll be able to find suitable homes for the parts!

Thinking outside of the square a little too I’d imagine they would great interior design pieces, perhaps for a nautical themed home/pub/bar/restaurant!

Listings Update

Over the last couple of days the online store has had some new items listed. These include a Teak Parker double/queen size bedhead with bedsides, a nice sectional Noblett bookcase and a 1960’s Teak Veneer buffet. You can browse our recent listings here!

We have also coming within the next few weeks a really cool 1950’s table and chairs, along with a Jens Risom designer table and Parker dining suite. A few of these items will be previewed on the blog so be sure to check back every couple of days for the latest updates.

Last night we also listed 3 items on eBay. One of our teak sideboards/buffets from the site along with a vintage tartan willow esky & thermos. You can view our active eBay listings here.

Last but not least I’ve spied 2 lots of chairs just recently. One set is at a shop, and looks to be a set of tessa chairs, whilst the other set is just around the corner from our home sitting in someone’s garden! Looks to be a 1950’s outdoor setting with a really cool design. Fingers crossed for a fruitful day tomorrow!

Possible Snelling? TV/Easy/Arm Chair Update

Its been a little while since I last posted on this chair here so I thought it was time for an update seeing as though it’s sneaking its way into the background of a few my recent items, both on eBay and the online store.

Since that time the chair has been reassembled and given a couple of coats of oil to bring it to the stage that it is at below.

Silky Oak TV/Arm/easy chair

The silky oak timber came up an absolute treat!

Now onto the upholstery……I feel that the boomerang shape of the chair, along with the stunning silky oak is to good to cover and hide away from the day of light so I’m pretty positive I’m going to go with webbing only, much like the Snelling and Jens Risom designer chairs.

I’ve sampled a few different colours of webbing against the timber, and because of how rich and deep the colour is red and black webbing blend in to much, i.e the colour does not contrast against the timber. White however, much like these chairs is excellent and provides an excellent contrast against the silky oak. Stay tuned.

Still Short On Space!

Every now and then, as mentioned previously in this blog post I have a ‘run’ on certain items.

It was only 2-3 weeks ago that the hallway in our home was littered with chairs. I counted 12 down one side, 4 in a spare room, 2 in another room, 6 out in the shed……….anyone that came around to visit must of thought I was in the process of throwing a party for 20+ people! Never mind though, as I believe when you come across quality items, that is the time to buy them, even if they do start to encroach our living areas!

A few weeks on and after a few sets of our chairs finding new homes the hallway was starting to look a little bare…..not for long though!

Mid Century items for sale

Within the last week I have picked up 4 new pieces that will soon be for sale both in the online store and on eBay!

From left to right we have –

A really interesting combination piece, dating from the 1950’s it incorporates a bookcase/display cabinet/telephone cabinet.

Next in line is a really cool ‘transitional’ piece that has been fully refurbished, dates from the late 1940’s/early 1950’s and has both an Art Deco influence combined with early Mid Century design/style.

Following on is a 1960’s Sideboard/Buffet heavily influenced by Parkers range of Nordic furniture. This piece is the wider model, being 180cms wide.

Last but not least is a solid timber Bookcase/Storage unit manufactured by Noblett who were based in South Australia. Circa 1960/70’s. Love the offset compartments in this piece.

If you see an item you’re interested in please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Hypersonic Stools – Take 2

Following on from last weeks post on the matching pair of Hypersonic bar stools tonight I can reveal the finished product.

Meadmore Style Vintage Bar Stools

I am very happy with the end result. I feel the gloss red enamel paint really contrasts well against the black vinyl upholstery. I have a sneaking suspicion that originally the colours would of been reversed, much like a similar chair I recently came accross on eBay.

Be sure to keep an eye on our online store. The stools will be listed for sale within the next week or so!

Anvils – Pure Heavy Metal m/ m/

Tonight I thought I would put up a preview of 3 Anvils that will soon be available to purchase from our online store.

Antique lot of 3 Anvils

We have 2 ‘hand made’ anvils, which were fashioned out of old railway track (one dates 12/1911) whilst the other is a Peter Wright Anvil.

The Peter Wright weighs in at 67lbs/30kgs and is in good condition for its age. The face has good rebound along with a nice ring to it when struck. All 3 would make an excellent addition to any collection!

Be sure to keep an eye out for more blacksmith related items coming up for sale in the next few months!


Hypersonic Industries & A Pair Of Vintage Bar Stools

For those of you familiar with our twitter account –!/StillBrokeENT towards the end of last week you would of seen a sneak peak of a makers label on the bottom of a seat of some kind.

Just from the manufactures name alone, being ‘Hypersonic Industries’ you get the feeling that this piece is going to be pretty cool…..and it definitely does not disappoint!

Retro 1950/60's Stools

What we have are a matching pair of vintage bar stools. Manufactured from round steel rod, these stools have a great, yet simple design. I especially love the ‘fan’ shape back support.

They were in pretty good condition for their age (I’m thinking they date from the 1950/60’s) however being all black, they were a little drab, so I undertook the task of freshening these stools up and giving them a new lease on life!

The frames were lightly sanded and then coated with a heavy duty primer, before being coated with pressure pack enamel paint. The seat upholstery, being a black vinyl is in very good condition and appears to of been recovered at some stage, and thus only required a clean with some warm, soapy water.

Be sure to check back later on in the week for the reveal!