Possible Snelling? TV/Easy/Arm Chair Update

Its been a little while since I last posted on this chair here so I thought it was time for an update seeing as though it’s sneaking its way into the background of a few my recent items, both on eBay and the online store.

Since that time the chair has been reassembled and given a couple of coats of oil to bring it to the stage that it is at below.

Silky Oak TV/Arm/easy chair

The silky oak timber came up an absolute treat!

Now onto the upholstery……I feel that the boomerang shape of the chair, along with the stunning silky oak is to good to cover and hide away from the day of light so I’m pretty positive I’m going to go with webbing only, much like the Snelling and Jens Risom designer chairs.

I’ve sampled a few different colours of webbing against the timber, and because of how rich and deep the colour is red and black webbing blend in to much, i.e the colour does not contrast against the timber. White however, much like these chairs is excellent and provides an excellent contrast against the silky oak. Stay tuned.

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