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Masters Of The Universe

Who remembers Masters of the Universe? Or more specifically those awesome action figures/toys from the 1980’s? I certainly do! They provided me with hours of entertainment when I was younger.

Unfortunately as time goes on you tend to lose track of all your old toys. They get busted up and end up in the bin, or donated to a local charity once you have ‘grown up’. I’m not 100% sure what happened to my old MOTU toys & figurines, however I can say that when I had the opportunity to buy Castle Grayskull along with a few other bits and pieces a week or so ago I jumped at it!

Old School MOTU Toys

Looks like I may of just started a new collection!

eBay Listings 22/8/12

Tonight on eBay we kicked off 2 listings.

The first listing is for a pair of Tessa T8 lounge/armchairs with the awesome low slung iconic design.

The second listing is for a vintage/shabby chic display unit/bookcase I upcycled from a 1940/50’s kitchen cabinet. I really like this piece. With its versatility it would be an excellent addition to any vintage/industrial/retro inspired space (think office, lounge room, bedroom, kitchen, laundry, etc!)

Where can you find these great items you may ask? Right here! 

Meadmore Style Outdoor Garden Chairs

I spotted these Meadmore style outdoor garden chairs just around the corner from our home a few weeks ago. I was surprised that I had never noticed them before, especially considering how many times I’ve walked by with the dog.

Vintage outdoor garden chairs

After a few failed attempts in making contact with the owner, I was finally able to purchase these awesome designed chairs.

After sitting outside for the last 20-30 years they are a little worse for wear, however structually they are in great condition. The frames of the chairs are manufactured from 1/2 inch steel rod which had been plastic wrapped for protection. They do possess an interesting feature being the arm rests/supports that wrap around the back of the chair. The seat & back support are also manufactured from steel rod/wire (being a thinner gauge).

I’m really looking forward to stripping these back, and then hitting them with a really bright colour. Possibly a Chrome Yellow, or a Burnt Orange! They definitely have the potential to be the centre piece in any vintage/industrial/retro inspired space!

Delivery Information

Have you ever seen something on our site that you’d love to have but shy away because you may not have a way of picking it up? Well shy away no more! Introducing JIMBOT!

Delivery trailer for purchases from Still Broke Enterprises

Our enclosed delivery trailer specifically modified for transporting our items to you. Measuring 7 foot long x 5 foot wide x 4 foot high we are able to comfortably fit in 3 piece lounge suites, tables & chairs, sideboards, buffets etc.

A carpeted floor, various tie off points, a plethora of packing blankets along with tie down straps and packing corners ensures your special piece of furniture will arrive safe and sound.

Our delivery fee is extremely competitive @ $0.60 per kilometre along with the reassurance of your item only being handled once by us, the seller. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have so if required, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask!

For more information about our delivery services please see here.