Monthly Archives: September 2012

Simplex Bundy Clock

Last week I previewed a really cool industrial piece being a Triplett signal generator from the mid 1940’s. This week again we have a very nice industrial item, being a Bundy clock from the 1960’s.

Vintage Clock

Manufactured by Simplex it oozes industrial style with its hammertone grey finish and aluminium clock face. How awesome would this piece look hanging on your wall, or sitting on the kitchen bench in your industrial themed home!

Like what you see? Check it out for sale here!


Triplett Signal Generator

Of late I have been coming across some really cool & interesting ‘industrial’ style items. This ‘Triplett’ Signal Generator is one of them.

Vintage Signal Generator

Dating from the 1940’s this instrument was manufactured in the USA and would of been used in designing, testing, troubleshooting, and repairing electronic or electroacoustic devices.

Does it work? Possibly, but that isn’t my purpose behind purchasing it. The main reason I brought this piece, and will continue to buy pieces similar to it is it’s industrial style. The shape of the unit, the matt black finish, the various dials and knobs along with that awesome black & red circular gauge to the centre of the generator make this a really great display piece. It’s just oozing that industrial style that is so popular at the moment.

Is it for sale? Sure, if you’re interested drop me a line via our contact page. Until then see if you can spot it on display in the background of our next lot of upcoming items!

T.H Brown Stools

T.H Brown Stools – Iconic. Mid Century. Design. Just a few words to describe what i’ve been lucky enough to have in my possession for the last 2 years or so. However the time has come and they’ve now been sold to a lucky new owner hundreds of kilometres away.

Whilst giving the stools one final polish before I packaged them up I was totally blown away again! by the design, the use of timber and the high quality workmanship that went into these stools. I was so impressed that I felt it was necessary to take them out on the first day of Spring (last Saturday) and get a few final pictures for my own reference!

3 x Iconic Mid Century Bar Stools

I’ll definitely be sad to see these stools go, however a big part of what I do, and what I get enjoyment out of is finding new homes for these beautiful pieces of furniture and these are no exception!