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Warwick Library Chair

How awesome is this chair? And its story is just as good!

Mid Century Industrial Chair

I purchased it from an old couple a few weeks back. They were moving into a retirement village and no longer had a need for the chair. The couple told me of how they were married in the 1960’s and upon moving out into their own home they needed some lounge chairs. Unfortunately money was tight and all they could afford from the local second hand dealer was a pair of the above chairs that were originally from the Warwick public library in Queensland. As time went on the chairs were moved from the lounge room into the bedroom for use as a ‘bedroom chair’. When quizzed on the other chair I was informed that quite a few years ago the steam bent plywood back had cracked and it was disposed of…………..

Never mind though, one is better none! And the story to go with it adds that nice, personal touch, to know where it came from and why it was used.

Plans?  I’m thinking I’ll restore it, may be a few weeks/months until I get around to it however I definitely think it’ll be worth it!

50’s Industrial Aluminium Light Shades

I’d been eyeing off these security light shades for months. Sitting atop of a barbed wire fence they were originally used to light up a display. Upon approaching the owner he was more than happy to move them on thus making myself the new owner!

Aluminium Light Shades 1950's Airstream

Manufactured out of Aluminium they have a great conical shape which tends to remind me of  the famous ‘Airstream’ caravans that are ever so popular over in the states. I’d imagine they’d date from the 1950’s and appear to of been painted white at some stage. With the white paint well weathered it give’s them a great patina (don’t ask me why but I hate using that word, perhaps because it’s so mainstream now?).

Anyways, what to do with them? I guess I could possibly make them into individual standing lamps however ideally I’d love to see them be kept together and used for their original purpose. Perhaps they could light up the front of a great looking Deco/Mid Century home, or be used in an industrial space looking down from the ceiling to direct light at specific display pieces.

May be a little while till I make up my mind, however if interested be sure to drop us a line and we’ll see what we can work out.

Till next time.

How time flies…….

Wow, November already! It seems like it was only just yesterday when I was setting up the blog and getting the online store ready for its launch.

Over the past 2-3 months you have probably noticed that the blog posts & our ebay listings have been a little slow. This has been due to myself starting a new ‘full time’ job which takes up most of my day.

Now although the surface looks quiet, underneath we have been as busy as ever chasing new pieces for the online store, restoring furniture along with starting to plan the construction of a ‘studio’ that will be used to house all of our pieces in one place along with offering the customer the opportunity to view our items via appointment. Although it’s still a few months off we are extremely excited about the studio and what it will allow us to do!