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Mid Century Canberra Souvenir Ware

Hi! I hope you have all had a great start to 2013. For me it has been good. I picked up 3 really special pieces yesterday (one that I had been chasing for a while) that will be previewed and available in the coming months. Until then I thought I’d share some Mid Century Mulga Wood souvenir ware from the nations capital, Canberra, with you.

ACT Mid Century souvenir ware
Mulga Wood Book Ends & S & P Shakers.

You often see Mulga Wood souvenir ware around. It’s fair easy to recognise, and a lot of the time is not all that exciting. Why are these pieces any different? Well perhaps to you they’re not, and that’s cool, everyone has an opinion, but to me I think they’re pretty special, especially our 4 legged little friend.

What I think adds that little bit extra to these pieces is the photocopied note from the diary of the lady who originally owned them. On the 13/6/1956 she took a trip to Canberra and purchased these 2 pieces of souvenir ware to remember her time there.

57 years on and our little friend still stands tall together with his salt & pepper shakers!