Monthly Archives: September 2013

Back From Holidays

Its been a few months since our last blog post which outlined our new business name and logo. Since that time I’ve been lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in Vietnam on holidays, and as it turned out (totally by accident) our hotel in Ho Chi Minh City was only one street back from ‘Antique Street’.

Naturally I was intrigued to check out what the local ‘Antique’ shops had to offer……….Alot had early ceramics, statues and reproduction brass ornaments which weren’t of great interest, however there were a few shops that dealt in smaller, more collectable items such as vintage cameras, clocks, advertising, etc.

Now what holiday is complete without bringing back a few ‘souvenirs’? So after a few hours were spent browsing I purchased the 2 items below.

Master Crafters Model 209 Mystery Clock.

The brass object has 8 ‘spikes’ and looks pretty interesting and I think it will display quite well.

The clock, commonly referred to as a Master Crafters Model 209 Mystery Clock caught my eye straight away. With no visible working mechanism I had to buy it, even just to pull it apart and see how it works. Being that it runs on 110 volts I think at this stage it will be just purely for decoration and display, along with making an interesting conversation piece.

After a little research I found thisĀ page, which is well worth a read for more information on how this beautiful, yet extremely intriguing clock works!

Until next time!