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Awesome Industrial Bedsides!

Check out this awesome pair of industrial bedsides!

Vintage Metal Bedsides

Purchased just over a week ago I was told these bedsides originally came from the nursing quarters of a hospital in the Rockdale area.

Dating from the 1950’s these bedsides are manufactured from a sheet metal and comprise of a single drawer on timber runner inserts (interesting) and a door which reveals a small cupboard compartment.

The colours are great and super modern for being over 50 years old!. A white drawer face that contrasts beautifully against the teal ‘body’. What’s even more amazing is that they’re all original with only a few little marks here and there consistent with general use.

After a good clean and checking over they will be listed on eBay within the coming weeks so be sure to keep an eye out for these great, mid century industrial bedsides that are sure to be the statement pieces of your industrial inspired bedroom!