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Farewell Still Broke Enterprises……….

At the end of last week we said our final goodbye to our original domain – Our redirects had been in place for ~ 6 months so hopefully those that had continued to use our old address had time to change their links to our new web address.

The progression to 20th Century Salvation has thus far been fun and exciting, and we continue to look forward to what the future has in stall for us!

Holiday Finds

As mentioned in my last Blog post we didn’t have a great deal of time off during the Christmas/New Year period. We were able though to sneak in a little getaway to our favourite holiday destination.

Now being who I am, I take this opportunity to explore what the holiday region has to offer, and no, I’m not talking about that secret fishing spot or famous break…….I’m talking about local 2nd hand stores, Op shops, recycle centres, Antique & Collectable stores, garage sales, markets, etc! I always find it interesting, and a great learning experience to frequent these places on holidays and although the other half isn’t necessarily over the moon about it, she does come along and we make a good day out of it.

So what did we find over the break? Nothing that exactly sets the world on fire, however we did source a fair amount of good quality smalls for the store. From West German pottery to Danish stainless steel serving trays you can see a selection of the smalls below.

West German Pottery Danish Stainless Steel


It will be a little while before we get around to listing the stock online so if you see something you like, best to get in contact with us here.


2014. Wow. That has come around quickly!

Hopefully you had a well deserved break, and although we were able to only have a few days off it was great to get away and explore a little. We found a few nice pieces that we’ll be sharing with you over the coming days.

Until next time.