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Auction Watch # 6 – Mid Century Church Pew

Tonight I thought I’d share some photos of a mid century church pew that is currently  available to purchase on eBay. You can find it by searching eBay for ‘Mid Century Church Pew’.

1960's Church Pew
Images of a Mid Century church pew.

I like the angled design to the bottom supports that give the seating part of the pew a winged/streamlined look, along with the back support which appears to be ‘floating’ above it.

1960's Church Pew
Image # 2 of a mid century church pew.

Coming across this church pew on eBay reminded me of a great photography project I had seen online a few weeks back. If you follow the link below it will take you to some great images (both black & white/colour) of the interior of a mid century  church in Tasmania.

Whilst there be sure to check out some of the other projects and images available, it will keep you occupied for hours!



Restoration Complete – Atomic Magazine Rack

Well, it may of taken a little longer to complete due to holidays but over the weekend I was finally able to get around and complete the Atomic magazine rack i’ve been working on for the past few weeks.

Here it is before –

Imags of a mid century magazine rack
Atomic magazine rack before photo.

And here it is after –

Atomic Magazine Rack
Images of the completed restoration.

I’m super happy with the end result. The colour, the grain, the shape, the way it sits, all perfect! Now time to find it a spot in our lounge room and admire and appreciate it for awhile…….

Be sure to check back within the next week or so, I’ve got a few pictures of a variation of this exact piece I found in an antique shop whilst on holidays on the north coast a few weeks ago. Very cool and a bit of a spin out!

Complete Restoration Mid Century
Super cool atomic styled magazine rack.

Auction Watch # 5 – Atomic Dressing Table/Desk/Sideboard

This week on eBay this stunning Atomic desk caught my eye.

Atomic Desk # 1

Atomic Desk # 2

Atomic Desk # 3

Atomic Desk # 4

Fully refurbished the desk has great  angled lines that are so typical of early 1950’s furniture along with some small, however very nice design features. I especially like how the legs (painted black) support the desk and give the impression that it’s floating above the floor. I do wonder though what the original colour (if ever painted at all) the legs were?

You can find this beauty on eBay. Just search for ‘1950s Atomic Dressing Table Sideboard’, or via the eBay username – – They have some awesome stuff, and definitely are worth adding to your favourite sellers list.

Early Fler TVS Chairs x 4

Been a little quiet of late – due to the fact we had snuck away for a little break over the last week or so. Whilst the holidaying was great, we did still find some time to browse a few vintage stores.

There was one in particular that had a few interesting pieces (more in the coming weeks) but tonight I thought I would share this great set of early Fler chairs. Comprising of 4 pieces in total (2 with arms/2 without) I really, really like the styling and design (more so of the 2 with arms).

Metal Rod Furniture
Early Mid Century Australia Chairs

Unfortunately for us they were priced a little out of our range, so we dragged ourselves away and carried on. However for the collector or die hard Fler enthusiast I think they represent good value.

If interested, be sure to drop me line and I’ll pass on the contact details/location (Central – North Coast NSW).

Vintage North Sydney Charcoal Sketch

Tonight I thought I would share a few photos of a sketch I came across a few months ago. You may ask yourself why I would buy a charcoal sketch of a random building. Now normally I wouldn’t, but seeing as the building was able to be identified by a street address/suburb in the bottom left hand corner I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to possibly find the said owner of the random building and see if they may be interested is an original charcoal sketch of their home from 40-50 years ago.

Old Sydney Buildings
Vintage charcoal sketch 

Now I’m under no illusion on the extremely limited  market for this item however I know that I’d be rapt with an old original picture/drawing of our home if someone offered it!

So how will I get contact with the possible owners? Well I guess the only real way is to send a letter (wow, I know right?) and see if they’d possibly be interested. Fingers crossed.