Monthly Archives: September 2014

Retro Copperama

A little while ago I came across a great retro wall hanging. It was a 3D image of a Lyrebird which had a copper colouring to it. The lyrebird was mounted against a golden perspex? background. Very beautiful and it was the first time I had seen anything like it. Listed on the site it soon found a new home in Victoria.

Fast forward to last weekend and what do I happen to find, in a very similar fashion to the lyrebird? Another great retro wall hanging, however this one depicts a different scene.

Vintage picture - Lion & Gazelles
Lion taking down a Gazelle.

As you can see, we have a Lion taking down a Gazelle, whilst another continues to make a swift getaway! What a great scene, however what I really liked was on the back. See the lyrebird had no identification/label/age indication at all where this has an identification mark, being ‘Copperama’ along with a date – 1983. Now although some may think these are only minor things (which they are in their own right) they definitely help to identify the possible manufacturer/series along with it’s age. Something that is always important!

It definitely matches my current interior styling, and will be appreciated on the wall until it tickles someone elses fancy! Should be online this weekend.

Functional Products Students Desk – Douglas Snelling

A few weeks ago I posted about a great Douglas Snelling sideboard manufactured by Functional Products Pty Ltd during the 1950’s.

Tonight I’d like to share another (rare?) piece by Snelling and Functional Products.

Australian Mid Century Desk
1950’s Queensland Maple desk

It’s a students desk, relatively simple in design however sporting those features that become ever so more recognisable each time you see them! Beautiful golden Queensland maple veneer, 4 angled front drawers and to the underside the Functional Products ink stamp.

Mid Century Australian Students Desk
Angular drawers on a Snelling Desk

Now I mentioned above the possibility of the students desk being a rare piece. In my research thus far I haven’t found another. It would of been apart of ‘The Snelling Line’ of furniture, and perhaps because of it’s simple design and looks, may of never really been thought to of had any value or significance?

Where to from here? Well, it joins the ever expanding list of items to ‘restore’. Now just to find a nice matching chair……..

Toy Beachcomber House

How great is this toy/model ‘Beachcomber’ house?

1960's Retro House toy
Vintage Beachcomber house timber model

What’s a beachcomber house I hear you ask? Well, to put it simply it was a project home that was designed and built during the 1960’s. For more information I highly reccommend taking a look at There is some excellent information and images available and well worth the visit.

Now although the roofline is slightly different on our toy beachcomber, the similarities are way too great to ignore! The angular lines, the stairway, the veranda! Just awesome!

With the ‘Illawarra Toy Library’ marked to the underside it definitely has a coastal background, along with the wear that shows the 100’s of hours of play it sustained keeping many children amused.

It’s a little hard to say whether it was a commercially produced item or not, however I’m more so leaning to the idea that it was likely a one off created by a father for his child and dates from the 1960’s/70’s? Perhaps he even sought inspiration from the home he and his family were living in at the time?

Either way it’s a great little piece of Modernist Australia. Should be listed on the site for sale by week’s end.