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1950’s Oil Paintings – Part 1

I thought tonight I’d share something that caught me off guard a little.

Aboriginal Head
1950’s Oil Painting

As you can see above, we have an original oil painting on what appears to be a composite board (think masonite). Dating from what I’d imagine to be the 1950’s I love the nice earthy colours and the expression on the Aboriginals face. To me I picture him sitting down, shoulders slightly rolled forwards, arms resting on his legs and he’s about to start telling an interesting, but hard story.

Now the ‘Aboriginal Head’ (title) painting above was only 1 of 2. There is another.

Mid Century Art
Original painting – Aboriginal in the red outback.

This painting, shares the same earthy colours, however appears to be a little more refined (texture of the board is smoother). Our Aboriginal friend in this one though is standing tall, broad shoulders with a stern look on his face. Again, a nice piece in it’s own right.

However, put the 2 side by side and watch the magic happen!

Mid Century Aboriginal Paintings
2 x original oil paintings. Circa 1950’s.

All of a sudden, the two seperate paintings become one. The frames disappear and we’re left with a gorgeous panoramic image! Amazingly beautiful.

So, do we know who the artist is? Sure do, but you’ll have to wait till part 2 to find out.

Auction Watch # 15 – Sputnik Weather Station

This little guy caught my eye this week.

West German Weather Station
Great Sputnik Desk Barometer!

Listed as a Atomic Retro Era West German Sputnik Type Barometer Weather Station c1960’s (to find on eBay, search for the before mentioned text).

The description calls it a ‘mix of science and modernist design’ to which I would agree,  however I definitely think it has that ‘Steampunk’ look to it also. The perspex globe, the compass points , the brass components contrasting against the brushed aluminum gauge faces help make this desk weather station a quirky, unique and unusual piece.

How great would this look sitting on your office desk? A certain conversation starter!

Price? Currently sitting at $15.50 with 4 days remaining.

When searching international eBay auction results prices vary, anywhere from £20 all the way up to £200. Bargain…………….at the moment, but we’ll see where it ends up!

Auction Watch # 14 – Retro Chair

Came across this ‘Retro Chair’ whilst browsing eBay tonight.

Mid Century Kone Chair
Retro chair? Or more…..

And whilst the description is somewhat accurate, the seller would benefit to update the title. See, this retro chair is actually a ‘Kone Chair’.  Dating from the late 40’s or possibly a remanufactured version from the early 50’s.

For more info be sure to check out  Australian Modern’s in-depth blog post on the Kone chair here.

Current auction price of the above chair? $108.45. Will be interesting to see how this one pans out. To find, just search eBay for ‘Retro Chair’.

Vintage Cocktail Items

Sometimes, it’s the small things that can bring the biggest smile. That statement definitely rings true to this great little ‘cocktail set’ that someone put together 50 years ago!

Great bar mixers
1960’s Cocktail Items

Originally thinking it was an old empty chocolate box, you can imagine my surprise when I lifted the lid and the burst of colour from the glass straws/swizzle sticks hit my eyes!

Delving a little deeper into the box and we also have a beautiful set of teal coloured drink coasters, pink plastic cocktail sticks/toothpicks and 5 plastic ‘swizzle sticks’.

Swizzle Sticks and Cocktails
Great 1960’s Cocktail set and items.

I was curious as to why there was a Qantas branded swizzle stick in the box, which did look a little out of place, and when researching the ‘Wentworth Hotel’ branded swizzle sticks it all became clear. According to Wikipedia – Qantas, in 1966, diversified its business by opening the 450 room Wentworth Hotel in Sydney.  So not only were they promoting their brand new hotel, but the famous airline also!

It’s nice to know that these items were treasured and taken care of, only to be brought out to impress the visitors when throwing what I am sure would of been a fabulous cocktail party. A pleasant thought compared to todays throwaway society…….


Auction Watch # 13 – Retro Drinks Coffee Table

I’ve been struggling to find things of interest on eBay over the last month or so, however tonight it was like someone flicked a switch!

Check out this great 1950’s drinks trolley with a serving tray that detaches.

Retro coffee table
Auction Watch # 13 – Mid Century drinks trolley.

Looks to manufactured out of  Victorian Ash and finished in the ever so recognisable golden shellac. The serving tray appears to have a black glass top, more than likely being vitrolite. Sitting atop 4 shepherds castors I love the design and shape. Definitely some atomic styling there.

Price? Currently sitting at $150 with no bids. Pretty reasonable I think!

To find, just search eBay for Retro Drinks Coffee Table 50s Vintage.