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Mid Century Cot

Whilst browsing a recycle centre earlier this week I came across a piece of mid century furniture which had never, ever crossed my mind – a mid century styled cot.

Retro Cot
Great mid century styled cot.

Manufactured from a teak/teak veneer and dating from the 1960’s I would have a guess that this cot would of been a custom made piece to fit in with the rest of the original owners home decor. With all the correct signs of a quality piece of furniture I could only imagine (and would love to of seen) what other pieces the original owner had!

Retro Teak Cot

With a piano hinged door that revealed shelf space on one end,

Australian Mid Century Cot
Towel Rack

And a double towel rack to the other this cot was definitely made with practicality in mind, however style was not sacrificed in the process.

Mid Century styled cot
Mid Century styled cot

So did I buy it? Unfortunately, no. It was super hard to walk away from but due to the difficulty in regards to selling older style cots/baby furniture and whether they comply with relevant Australian Standards just isn’t worth the hassle…….Hopefully it’ll find a good home though and be saved from being turned into landfill.

Mystery Fler ‘Tub Style’ Lounge Suite

In my last auction watch I shared an interesting single lounge chair manufactured by fler. Although the colour would not of appealed to everyone (and that’s being nice), I could relate seeing as I have the same lounge chair (apart of a 3 piece suite) currently in storage.

Retro lounge suite
Fler Lounge Suite

Now as you can see, it has been reupholstered in that hideous floral pattern fabric. It’s lines and curves however what were originally attracted my attention.

Retro fler lounge chair
Great curves!

Once I looked a little deeper (removed a cushion cover) I discovered a great, possibly original swatch of fabric which seemed to match the style of the lounge a little better.

Tub stye fler lounge chair
Great fabric design.

I’m still not 100% sure though on the material above being what the lounge would of been originally covered in, it seems a little to ‘light’, and contrasts strongly to what the eBay listed lounge chair is covered in.

I guess if I could find an old advert on the said lounge online it would help out, alot! However there within lies the problem. I have searched reasonably extensively through trove and other online sources and came up with zip, hence my excitement at finally seeing another one online.

It’s style almost reminds me of Featherstons Numero 4/7 range (which dates from the 1970’s) so could of possibly had some influence on this style of fler lounge.

Groovy Fler lounge.
Base of Fler tub style lounge chair.

The fler lounge suite appears to have a fibregass inner shell, which is covered in a high quality foam. The white plastic base covers the bottom along with providing the ‘feet’ for the lounge/chair, and to be honest those lounge chairs are possibly the most comfiest chairs I have ever sat in! I imagine it feels like what sitting on or in a cloud would. LOL.

So can you help me identify the era and model of this groovy Fler lounge suite? Love to hear from you here.

1950’s Oil Paintings – Part 2

Last week I shared 2 beautiful original oil paintings depicting a striking Australian outback scene. I asked the question at the end of the post if we knew who the artist was?

Mid century aboriginal art
Artist Julius Szentleleky

Well, as you can see our artists name is Julius Szentleleky. So what do we know about him? Well, a google and trove search only yields 4 results with any relevance.

The earliest, from the Sydney morning herald and dating from 1952 reads –

Show By Julius
The small paintings by Julius Szentleleky at the Grosvenor galleries are quite charming studio gleanings of little consequence in themselves, but of value to the artist.
His large pictures show that forced tonality to be seen alike in primitive and tired painting.
One feels that he can do much better, that indeed it would be unfair to criticise at present. In his sketches there is the material, and some ability. Once the scene has been absorbed, the work of art may follow which,  one trusts, will be soon. 
This show will be opened by Mrs. Quentin Stanham at 3 p.m. today.

The second chronologically listed newspaper article is shown below.

Barrier Miner

Barrier Miner Article

And thats it, all that I can currently find online about our artist, up until 2005 where the Heide Museum of Modern Art added one of Julius’ artworks to their collection –

- Szentleleky, Julius
Peer gynt 1953
oil on composition board
71.9 x 54.6 cm

So where does that leave us with our 2 paintings? Well we know he was active during the early 1950’s, which does appear to conflict with the $60 price tag on the rear of one painting (as decimal currency didn’t come about until 1963) however this could be easily enough explained – perhaps he wanted to move on some of his art later on in life (shed clean out/exhibiting in a small gallery somewhere, etc). The trip to Broken Hill is interesting as it does state he painted, and exhibited landscapes of the surrounding countryside, whilst the Sydney article talks about ‘the small paintings’ – very much like these 2. The ‘oil on composition board’ painting that the Heide Museum acquired dating from 1953 also matches the medium of these 2 paintings.

So with all that information I’m pretty confident to say that these 2 paintings would date from the 1950’s and are original works. It’s nice to know a little of the story of the artist behind the artwork. Whether or not it adds value to the item I think is insignificant, it’s the link that each one of us build in our own way that matters most.