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Free To Good Home – Paul Kafka Furniture!

Another online find during the break was an advertisement that read  “1950 Kafka wooden cabinets, bedside tables, desk”.

Located in Dover Heights, Sydney, there was so much furniture that an entire truck would be needed! Amazing hey? Unfortunately I was a little slow off the mark, and by the time I had contacted the owner most pieces were spoken for. I did however make sure to save the 2 images for reference, along with ask for a few pictures of the other items (bedsides/desk) which I’m hoping to receive soon.

High quality makers label!
High quality makers label!
Post War Modernism
Interesting ‘musical’ inlay.

I find the wall unit’s inlay depicting a musical score pretty interesting. It’d be great to know more about the original owners background. Musician perhaps?

To find out about Paul Kafka, there’s a great excerpt at Design & Art Australia Online. It’s well worth a read, and you can find it here – Particular interesting is how relevant the above piece/s of furniture are to the article!

Here’s to hoping it found a good home!

Liquorice Allsorts?

For my first post of 2015 I thought I’d share a great picture of some liquorice allsorts.

Liquorice Allsorts

Why? Well, because they supposedly have some relevance to a great! dining suite I came across on Gumtree during the break.

Chiswell Teak Table & Chairs
Great retro dining suite.

Described as a ‘one owner Parker Chiswell dining table and 6 chairs of different colours in original vinyl covering’ the dining suite was originally brought by the sellers parents 1969.

Mid Century Teak Dining Suite
Amazing colours!

I find the colours on the chairs to be amazing and really unique, especially being the original vinyl!

Mid Century coloured dining suite
Teak Extending Table

I think you’ll find that the manufacturer is Chiswell, and that ‘Parker’ has been thrown in there for a little ‘clever’ marketing. Regardless, this is a really cool piece of functional furniture, and something that I definitely hope to see more of in the future!

To find, search Gumtree for – Parker Chiswell dining table and 6 chairs, Teak, 1969