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Auction Watch # 18 – Mid Century Dining Chairs x 3

Fair range of goodies on eBay this week, however I picked these 3 Mid Century dining chairs to share.

Retro dining chairs
Auction Watch # 18

Described as a ‘Set of three Mid Century Dining Chairs to restore with a cool solid timber back handle’ I really love their shape. The lines of those angled A-frame timber legs and the white vinyl 1 piece seat/back support are just so clean. They actually remind me a little of the ‘volkschair’ I posted about on the blog previously – see here.

It’s a little hard to tell if the handle on the rear top of the back support is original, I’m leaning towards no, as the timbers appear to be different, along with the clash of styles although it does contrast nicely against the white vinyl upholstery and tie in with the dark stained timber base.

Retro Kitchen Chairs
Great shape!

Price? Buy it now for $67!┬áCheap as chips for such a great looking set of chairs. Yes they do need a little bit of work, and it’s a shame they’re missing the extra one to make a set of 4 however I think they’d be a great buy!

To find, search eBay for –┬áMid Century x 3 dining chairs retro vintage Danish Eames Style Atomic To Restore

Kafka Furniture – Fresh Pictures!

Following up from my last post, the original owner of the Kafka furniture sent through some more images which I was really grateful for.

All pieces are/were built-in which you can see below. The standout for me is the other half of the wall unit!

Mid Century
Custom built wall unit.
Mid Century Australian
Cocktail Cabinet

What a huge piece of cabinetry! It must be 7 meters + in width. Love the symmetry, and the inlay which on the left side features martini glasses and cocktail shakers! I’m sure it would of been the centre of attention on more than one occasion.

Kafka Inbuilt Furniture
Inbuilt desk & wardrobes
Kafka Mid Century Furniture
Bedhead & Bedsides