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Mystery Fler ‘Tub’ Style Lounge Suite Update

Towards the end of last year, I posted about a mystery fler tub style lounge I had in storage. You can read that post here.

Often when searching for information on unknown (ish) pieces you come across it when you least expect it. This is what happened a few weeks ago when browsing through a small op shop in the southern highlands.

To my surprise I stumbled across the exact same chair from the 3 piece suite I have, in an original covering.

Original Covering - Fler Tub Lounge Chair
Original Covering – Fler Tub Lounge Chair

What’s even better is the original label was still attached, and perfectly legible, and although I didn’t have room to take it home, I made sure I got a picture of the label, which may shed some light on the design/name of the lounge chair/suite.

Fler label, from the tub style mystery lounge chair.
Fler label, from the tub style mystery lounge chair.

Now as you can see, we have ‘Airborne Europe Licence’ printed across the bottom of the maker’s label. This tells me that this particular style/design wasn’t an original Fler idea, more so they purchased the licence from an overseas company (based in Europe) to produce/sell this style of lounge chair/suite in Australia.

Now to search for more information on ‘Airborne’. A quick google search for ‘Mid Century Airborne Furniture’ brought up a few results, and not surprisingly a lot of very similar styled/design lounge suites and chairs, encompassing big bold curves with plenty of fibreglass.

Airborne appears to be a French furniture company that started during the 1950’s, however the fibreglass element looks to of been introduced during the late 1960’s – early 1970’s. A look on 1stdibs is worthwhile for interests sake, see here.

Unfortunately thus far I haven’t been able to identify the exact style of suite (still!) or possibly a designer, however as I mentioned above, when I’m least expecting it, I’m sure the next piece of the puzzle will present itself!