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Mystery Solved – Fler Tub Lounge – Flerbelle

Following on from here and here, you can see I was a little stuck on finding out any more information on a Fler lounge suite I currently have in my possession. Well, that was last week! Fast forward to tonight and thanks to Dean from Melbourne  we have now solved the mystery.

Dean got in contact via the contact page and advised that he has the identical lounge suite, in the original, awesome lime green upholstery.

Retro Lounge suite - Australian
Original, Lime green Fler ‘flerbelle’ lounge suite.

Turns out that Dean’s parents brought the lounge suite new, and today it still looks just as good as it did when it came off the showroom floor. I asked how comfortable the lounge suite is, as I know for me it was possibly the most comfortable lounge chair I’ve ever sat it. He replied –

Yes, the single-seater tub chairs, when you sit sideways in them with your legs draped over 1 side, are just like sitting in a cloud!

So you may be asking now how have we identified the lounge suite? All we’ve got is an identical suite, with no real other markings or labels, right? Wrong!

Well, you see, as it turns out Dean’s parents also kept the original sales brochure! And he was good enough to send through some images of it also!

1960's/70's Fler Lounge Catalogue
Flerbelle – In all it’s original glory!
Prices for an original Fler Lounge Suite
Original Fler Catalogue with pricing!

So there we have it, Flerbelle – consisting of a single moulding of strong rigid polyurethane covered with soft foam.

How great is the original brochure – dimensions, original pricing, original showroom image! Super cool!

Again I must thank Dean J, from Melbourne for identifying my unidentified Fler lounge suite, without his time and effort to get in contact and send through the above images who knows how long I’d be searching the interwebs for! Hopefully it may help out others in the future with their quest for knowledge also.

As it turns out that Dean is moving apartments shortly, and unfortunately the Fler suite won’t fit and he will be looking to find a new home for it. So if you’re in the market for a 1 owner, original Fler Flerbelle 3 piece lounge suite in excellent condition with the original sales brochure, be sure to get in contact and I’ll pass on your details.

Makers Labels


Here is a chair. I purchased this chair a few years ago.

Single retro chair
Great mid century CRO chair.

It was originally in a set of 5 with the matching table. Although at the time I was tight for space so just settled on this one. Regret? Kind of now yes, but why did I purchase just this one chair?

The secret lies underneath.

Original mid century paper tag/makers label. CRO of Sydney.
Original mid century paper tag/makers label. C.R.O Furniture of Sydney.

As soon as I flipped the chair and saw the original cardboard makers tag still stapled underneath I knew I had to have it. Yes it was a shame to split it from the set (only 5 chairs originally so I didn’t feel too bad…..) but you can be sure I’ll come across these chairs and table in the future, an original tag though? Maybe a little more difficult. The 50 year old dust came at no extra cost also. Bargain!

Dust for free? You bet!
Dust for free? You bet!