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Every once in a while you’ll come across a piece of furniture that completely blows your mind. For me, this happened today whilst browsing an Australian Mid Century group on Facebook.

Rosando Bros Bed?
Crazy Crazy good!

In architecture, you’d call the lines and design adorning the top of the front and rear bedheads – a butterfly roof, popularised in the post war period and so common to many mid century designed homes.

Rosando Bro's Mid Century
Beautiful lines!

Here they’ve applied the same design and principals to what otherwise is normally rectangular in shape (and boring!) and created something amazing and beautiful.

1950's Bed frame - Australian
Design & practicality.

Apparently the new owners came into possession of the bed after purchasing a mid century modern home in Melbourne, and believe the manufacturer to be the Rosando Brothers. After looking through some other images of their work here, there definitely appears to be a strong resemblance in both style and design when compared to some of their other known work. I wish the new owners all the best with their amazing find!

Amazing Kafka 2 Seater Lounge

Check this out.

Mid Century Lounge
2 Seater Kafka Lounge

I was lucky enough to come across this 2 seater lounge whilst on holidays. Looking  quite familiar and with that amazing teal coloured vinyl I made it mine as quickly as I could!

The lounge appears to of been manufactured by Paul Kafka (I have done a post on him recently here) and although there are no visible maker’s labels or stamp, the styling is quite distinct and easy to identify with the angled legs, flared armrests, timber inserts (hand rests) and buttoned/stitched rear back support.

Mid Century Australian Lounge
In need of a little love!

Overall the condition of the lounge is reasonable to good. There are a few nicks and one minor tear to the vinyl (also needs a thorough clean), the timber hand rests and legs need refinishing and the cheesecloth cover to the underside needs replacing and over the next few weeks I will be completing each as required.

With plans to use it as a loveseat at my upcoming wedding I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it! I’ll be sure to update along the way.


Auction Watch # 20 – 1960’s Swivel Lounge Chair

Tonight I open auction watch # 20 with a well known phrase – Credit given where credit is due.

What do I mean by that you may ask? See below…..

Auction Watch # 20
What a great picture!

How amazingly good is the main picture for the auction listing of a 1960’s swivel lounge chair!?! The way the sunlight is pouring through (I’d imagine a window) onto the backrest whilst creating subtle shadows and differing tones of colour on the rest of the chair is a real treat to look at. This image alone makes me want to be its new owner!

Of course there’s the great shape and design of the chair, along with the current bid – only being $71!

To find, search eBay for 1960s Swivel Lounge Chair, but be quick, there is just under 24 hours to go!

The Right Shade

I’ve owned this great mid century teak ‘rocket style’ lamp for a little while now, and it has always donned the cream, coolie lamp shade. Although reasonable in style, it just never felt quite right.

Mid Century Teak Lamp
Ready for take off!

With the 3 legged tripod base, and the narrow, tapering central column the wide based coolie shade was a little top heavy. How much though I never realised until just recently when I came across this fantastic, original teal and gold drum style lamp shade.

Teal, or Cream?
Teal, or Cream?

With the teal shade firmly in my possession I was keen to try it out on the rocket lamp and see how it looked. I was super impressed not only with how well the teal contrasted against the teak, but also in it’s proportions. The drum style shade seems to suit the lamp perfectly, and allows the overall flow to continue on up, compared to the coolie style shade which I feel halted the flow – the shape – the design of the original lamp!

Now residing in our lounge room, with the teal shade firmly atop, the teak rocket style lamp will soon be joined by another teal coloured item. Possibly my favourite piece. Blog post and images to come!