Kafka Lounge

I thought the best way to start off 2016 on the blog (a little late…….yes I know) would be to wrap up the Kafka lounge blog posts that I started last year in the lead up to our wedding – you can find them here.

In my last post I left with you with the finishing touches in preparation to use the lounge as a ‘love seat’ on the amazingly white sands of Jervis Bay.

So how did it all turn out you may ask? Excellent! See below!

Kafka Lounge

Now it wouldn’t be fair If I didn’t show off my beautiful bride on the day…………..

Mid Century, Wedding, Kafka, Australian
Concept delivered perfectly!

It was amazing to see the concept that I had pictured for all those months leading up to the wedding be captured on film by our wonderfully talented photographer – Pete, from Peter Izzard Photography. I cannot recommend him enough! You can find out more about his services here  – http://www.peterizzardphotography.com.au/

Until next time!

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