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Previous, Current, and Future items listed on eBay.

Auction Watch # 17 – Rosando Sideboard

A little short for time this week, however when I received my weekly email from eBay listing items from my favourite (saved) sellers I thought I had to definitely had to share the following.

eBay listing for Rosando Sideboard
Rosando Sideboard & Speaker Unit

I’m really impressed with the speaker unit, such a great look, and to be specifically made (and integrated into) the sideboard/bar unit is awesome.

You can find it on eBay by searching for ‘Rosando Sideboard’. Whilst there be sure to check out the seller. As mentioned above they’re one of my favourites on eBay, consistently listing great items at very reasonable prices (note – we have no affiliation with the eBay seller).

eBay Listings 25/3/14

It’s been well over a year since we last listed on eBay, however last night we got that non-listing monkey off our back and kicked things off again with 2 listings.

One is an old Mont Eltham pot belly stove, and the other is a job lot of vintage model train items which include a few nice pieces (Honrby, Lima, Tyco). You can find our eBay listings page below.

We are going to make a good effort to list a few items every couple of weeks to clear out the shed and make some space (kind of productive? Or not…LOL) so be sure to keep an eye on our eBay page/blog for all the latest.

eBay Listings 22/8/12

Tonight on eBay we kicked off 2 listings.

The first listing is for a pair of Tessa T8 lounge/armchairs with the awesome low slung iconic design.

The second listing is for a vintage/shabby chic display unit/bookcase I upcycled from a 1940/50’s kitchen cabinet. I really like this piece. With its versatility it would be an excellent addition to any vintage/industrial/retro inspired space (think office, lounge room, bedroom, kitchen, laundry, etc!)

Where can you find these great items you may ask? Right here! 


Tonight I thought I’d share a few pictures of some Essexware mugs I currently have listed on eBay..

Mid Century Pottery

Now without going into to much detail Essexware was a ‘brand’ of pottery dating from the late 1940’s through until 1957 when unfortunately their buildings/studio’s were burnt down during bush fires. The owners decided to return home to England after losing everything and cease creating these beautiful pieces of pottery which has ultimately lead to Essexware becoming so collectable.

If you look at the mugs above they are beautifully decorated with Aboriginal scenes and art and although the colours are not overly bright, they combine so well to really make the images stand out. All of this was hand painted of course!

For more detailed information on Essexware I highly recommend visiting 2 blogs I found during my research. The first being whilst the second is

Ebay Listings 22/5/12

Another 3 listings kicked off last night.

We have a nice matching pair of retro/mid century bedsides.

An Australian Army Dress Cap .

And probably my favourite eBay listing so far. A super cute childrens outdoor setting dating from the 1950/60’s.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

Vintage 1950/60’s Candy Coloured Children’s Outdoor Setting

How cute is this children’s outdoor setting? Dating from the 1950/60’s it’s modelled off the larger, adult sized outdoor settings except this one is for the little people in your life.

It originally would of been painted in multiple colours, much like a candy cane (hence its name). You can still see the original colours faintly on top, however when you flip the table or chair over the paint/colour is still quite bright as its been protected from the elements.

A very nice feature of this setting is that both chairs still don the original brass manufacturers plaque which reads – ‘Another A.W.A Frazer Product’.

All in all a very nice setting which would be an easy restoration project for someone. How cool would it be if Mum and Dad had the adults setting out in the back yard, and just next to it was the kids smaller, matching setting!

Candy Cane Coloured Retro Kids Garden Setting