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Preview of upcoming items.

Parker Bedside Repairs

Lucky enough to come across a great matching set of Parker Nordic bedsides.

Condition was pretty good, however the leg on one had a previous repair which wasn’t quite up to standard, there was also a nasty gouge to the top edge and a small chip to the veneer on one drawer front.

Mid Century Teak Bedsides
Leg repair!
Nordic Bedsides Parker
Solid Timber Repair!
1960's Parker Furniture
Veneer repair!

With all repairs carried out, the original finish was given a light go over with some super fine steel wool, and then 2 coats of an oil/mineral turpentine mixture was applied.

Mid Century Parker Bedsides

Very happy with the end results! The bedsides will be available in the online shop with the matching bed head very soon.

Retro Copperama

A little while ago I came across a great retro wall hanging. It was a 3D image of a Lyrebird which had a copper colouring to it. The lyrebird was mounted against a golden perspex? background. Very beautiful and it was the first time I had seen anything like it. Listed on the site it soon found a new home in Victoria.

Fast forward to last weekend and what do I happen to find, in a very similar fashion to the lyrebird? Another great retro wall hanging, however this one depicts a different scene.

Vintage picture - Lion & Gazelles
Lion taking down a Gazelle.

As you can see, we have a Lion taking down a Gazelle, whilst another continues to make a swift getaway! What a great scene, however what I really liked was on the back. See the lyrebird had no identification/label/age indication at all where this has an identification mark, being ‘Copperama’ along with a date – 1983. Now although some may think these are only minor things (which they are in their own right) they definitely help to identify the possible manufacturer/series along with it’s age. Something that is always important!

It definitely matches my current interior styling, and will be appreciated on the wall until it tickles someone elses fancy! Should be online this weekend.

Toy Beachcomber House

How great is this toy/model ‘Beachcomber’ house?

1960's Retro House toy
Vintage Beachcomber house timber model

What’s a beachcomber house I hear you ask? Well, to put it simply it was a project home that was designed and built during the 1960’s. For more information I highly reccommend taking a look at There is some excellent information and images available and well worth the visit.

Now although the roofline is slightly different on our toy beachcomber, the similarities are way too great to ignore! The angular lines, the stairway, the veranda! Just awesome!

With the ‘Illawarra Toy Library’ marked to the underside it definitely has a coastal background, along with the wear that shows the 100’s of hours of play it sustained keeping many children amused.

It’s a little hard to say whether it was a commercially produced item or not, however I’m more so leaning to the idea that it was likely a one off created by a father for his child and dates from the 1960’s/70’s? Perhaps he even sought inspiration from the home he and his family were living in at the time?

Either way it’s a great little piece of Modernist Australia. Should be listed on the site for sale by week’s end.

Awesome Industrial Bedsides!

Check out this awesome pair of industrial bedsides!

Vintage Metal Bedsides

Purchased just over a week ago I was told these bedsides originally came from the nursing quarters of a hospital in the Rockdale area.

Dating from the 1950’s these bedsides are manufactured from a sheet metal and comprise of a single drawer on timber runner inserts (interesting) and a door which reveals a small cupboard compartment.

The colours are great and super modern for being over 50 years old!. A white drawer face that contrasts beautifully against the teal ‘body’. What’s even more amazing is that they’re all original with only a few little marks here and there consistent with general use.

After a good clean and checking over they will be listed on eBay within the coming weeks so be sure to keep an eye out for these great, mid century industrial bedsides that are sure to be the statement pieces of your industrial inspired bedroom!

Mid Century Canberra Souvenir Ware

Hi! I hope you have all had a great start to 2013. For me it has been good. I picked up 3 really special pieces yesterday (one that I had been chasing for a while) that will be previewed and available in the coming months. Until then I thought I’d share some Mid Century Mulga Wood souvenir ware from the nations capital, Canberra, with you.

ACT Mid Century souvenir ware
Mulga Wood Book Ends & S & P Shakers.

You often see Mulga Wood souvenir ware around. It’s fair easy to recognise, and a lot of the time is not all that exciting. Why are these pieces any different? Well perhaps to you they’re not, and that’s cool, everyone has an opinion, but to me I think they’re pretty special, especially our 4 legged little friend.

What I think adds that little bit extra to these pieces is the photocopied note from the diary of the lady who originally owned them. On the 13/6/1956 she took a trip to Canberra and purchased these 2 pieces of souvenir ware to remember her time there.

57 years on and our little friend still stands tall together with his salt & pepper shakers!

Mid Century Dining Suites

Check out these 2 awesome dining suites that have just been added to the online store!

Atomic Dining Suite & Parker Dining Suite

The first is an early 1950’s Dining Suite. Comprising of 5 pieces and manufactured from a Queensland maple it has that awesome ‘atomic’ style design/influence that is so recognisable from that era.

The second is a late 1960’s Parker 7 piece suite manufactured out of solid teak. This setting oozes that famous danish style design and still has its original, bright and funky orange/yellow check upholstery.

Its great seeing these 2 suites side by side. You can really appreciate the difference in style and design from each era.

50’s Industrial Aluminium Light Shades

I’d been eyeing off these security light shades for months. Sitting atop of a barbed wire fence they were originally used to light up a display. Upon approaching the owner he was more than happy to move them on thus making myself the new owner!

Aluminium Light Shades 1950's Airstream

Manufactured out of Aluminium they have a great conical shape which tends to remind me of  the famous ‘Airstream’ caravans that are ever so popular over in the states. I’d imagine they’d date from the 1950’s and appear to of been painted white at some stage. With the white paint well weathered it give’s them a great patina (don’t ask me why but I hate using that word, perhaps because it’s so mainstream now?).

Anyways, what to do with them? I guess I could possibly make them into individual standing lamps however ideally I’d love to see them be kept together and used for their original purpose. Perhaps they could light up the front of a great looking Deco/Mid Century home, or be used in an industrial space looking down from the ceiling to direct light at specific display pieces.

May be a little while till I make up my mind, however if interested be sure to drop us a line and we’ll see what we can work out.

Till next time.

Upcoming 1950’s Items!

Tonight I thought I’d give you all a sneak peak at a few items that I’ll be listing for sale in the online store within the next week or two.

All of the pieces date from the 1950’s and possess that great style and design that is instantly recognisable. Owning one or more of these items won’t cost you the world either, with prices ranging from $15 – $175 they are all affordable items which will add that special touch to your mid century inspired interior.

Mid Century Items for sale.

From right to left we have –

  • Atomic Bedside Table/Drawer Unit
  • 1950’s Sewing Box on pokee legs
  • Rectangular 1950’s Coffee table on splayed legs
  • Awesome ‘Kidney Bean’ coffee table
  • Small Silky Oak timber case
  • Vintage wall hung first aid box

Be sure to keep an eye out in our store for these new and exciting items!

Simplex Bundy Clock

Last week I previewed a really cool industrial piece being a Triplett signal generator from the mid 1940’s. This week again we have a very nice industrial item, being a Bundy clock from the 1960’s.

Vintage Clock

Manufactured by Simplex it oozes industrial style with its hammertone grey finish and aluminium clock face. How awesome would this piece look hanging on your wall, or sitting on the kitchen bench in your industrial themed home!

Like what you see? Check it out for sale here!


Vintage Halvorsen Boat Parts

On a recent trip down the coast I came across this lot of Halvorsen boat parts.

Old Clinker Boat Parts 1950/60's

To cut a long story short, basically the guy who I brought the items from had plans to restore an old Halvorsen boat that use to run around Sydney harbour in the 1950’s/1960’s. One thing lead to another and eventually the project got scrapped, leaving these pieces behind.

The parts include 2 bronze propellers attached to solid stainless steel drive shafts approximately 2 meters long, 2 bronze rudder posts, 1 helm (steering wheel) and 2 filler necks/caps.

All look to be in good condition for their age along with having a great patina (geez I sound like Rick from Pawn Stars LOL).

It would be a shame to see these usable parts sold for scrap, so hopefully within the next few months when I start to advertise them (being quite a specialist lot of items)  I’ll be able to find suitable homes for the parts!

Thinking outside of the square a little too I’d imagine they would great interior design pieces, perhaps for a nautical themed home/pub/bar/restaurant!