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Scrap Metal

Welcome to 2017! (Although 6 weeks late………)

I thought I’d start off the year by sharing a little personal project around the house that I’ve recently completed as it fits in perfectly with our ideals, which is saving items from the 20th Century and giving them another lease on life!

You see, we’ve got a small drop off just outside our back veranda, and with a new little woofer on the way I was after a small bit of fencing to stop him getting into bad habits of jumping/falling off the edge.

So one day whilst browsing a scrap metal/recycle yard I came across this great little section of 1960’s fencing (love this design!). As soon as I saw it I knew I had the perfect spot for it so after exchanging a $10 note home it came to get measured up.

Rusty gold *puke
Ready for the scrap heap……

After a few small modifications (few brackets added to mount in its new position) the tedious task of removing the old paint, cleaning, then undercoating was here. After a few enjoyable hours it was now ready to be positioned and fixed into place.

Geometric mid century fencing design
Time consuming to do correctly!

Once mounted, I then completed the job by applying 2 coats of an exterior paint (woodland grey) to match our window frames. Although the colours slightly differ to 50 years ago they still work extremely well with it’s design (let’s be honest – any colour would look good on it!)

Triangles 1960's Pattern
Super Happy!

So there you have it folks, a great piece of 1960’s design fencing, a $10 note, some elbow grease and paint makes for a job well done whilst adhering to our status quo.

Mid Century Church – St Catherines – Hallett S.A

A few weeks ago I was in S.A for work, and whilst travelling to my destination I passed an absolutely amazing piece of Mid Century architecture in possibly the most uncommon place.

St Catherines of Sienna - Hallett S.A

Now I’m no expert  by any stretch of the imagination when it comes to mid century architecture, and I know that you know my core business is mid century furniture and home decor, however I had to share, especially after a reasonable search online brought up practically no information or images.

St Catherines of Sienna - Hallett S.A

Surrounded by vast grazing/cropping pastures and century + old stone buildings Hallett was the last place I’d ever expect to see such a building.

St Catherines of Sienna - Hallett S.A

After rubbernecking like I never have before, a swift U’bolt was undertaken to have a closer look. The foundation stone provides an exact date – 1957. And the little information I found online describes the Church of England consecrating St Catherines of Sienna on the 15th September 1957. It was officially closed in 2003 when it was sold and is now a private residence.

St Catherines of Sienna - Hallett S.A

Unfortunately it needs some serious attention, and currently appears to be only used as storage.


I can only imagine how magnificent the inside space would of been in it’s day with all that natural light flooding in. A heavenly experience in a far out building I’m sure.


If you’re ever in the region, you can find it yourself just before/past the Toolangi road turnoff on the Barrier Highway.

Hope you enjoyed!