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Auction Watch # 20 – 1960’s Swivel Lounge Chair

Tonight I open auction watch # 20 with a well known phrase – Credit given where credit is due.

What do I mean by that you may ask? See below…..

Auction Watch # 20
What a great picture!

How amazingly good is the main picture for the auction listing of a 1960’s swivel lounge chair!?! The way the sunlight is pouring through (I’d imagine a window) onto the backrest whilst creating subtle shadows and differing tones of colour on the rest of the chair is a real treat to look at. This image alone makes me want to be its new owner!

Of course there’s the great shape and design of the chair, along with the current bid – only being $71!

To find, search eBay for 1960s Swivel Lounge Chair, but be quick, there is just under 24 hours to go!

Auction Watch # 19 – 1950’s Classic Sideboard

Came across a familiar looking sideboard on eBay tonight – albeit in a slightly different configuration to one’s I’ve posted on before.

1950's Australian Sideboard
eBay listed Snelling Sideboard

With just over 2 days left and a starting price (with no bids) of $80 it seems to be flying under the radar.  Shame it’s interstate (Victoria) or I would be posting about this listing after the fact….. 😉

To find, search eBay for – 1950’s Australian Classic Sideboard. Goodluck.

Auction Watch # 18 – Mid Century Dining Chairs x 3

Fair range of goodies on eBay this week, however I picked these 3 Mid Century dining chairs to share.

Retro dining chairs
Auction Watch # 18

Described as a ‘Set of three Mid Century Dining Chairs to restore with a cool solid timber back handle’ I really love their shape. The lines of those angled A-frame timber legs and the white vinyl 1 piece seat/back support are just so clean. They actually remind me a little of the ‘volkschair’ I posted about on the blog previously – see here.

It’s a little hard to tell if the handle on the rear top of the back support is original, I’m leaning towards no, as the timbers appear to be different, along with the clash of styles although it does contrast nicely against the white vinyl upholstery and tie in with the dark stained timber base.

Retro Kitchen Chairs
Great shape!

Price? Buy it now for $67! Cheap as chips for such a great looking set of chairs. Yes they do need a little bit of work, and it’s a shame they’re missing the extra one to make a set of 4 however I think they’d be a great buy!

To find, search eBay for – Mid Century x 3 dining chairs retro vintage Danish Eames Style Atomic To Restore

Auction Watch # 17 – Rosando Sideboard

A little short for time this week, however when I received my weekly email from eBay listing items from my favourite (saved) sellers I thought I had to definitely had to share the following.

eBay listing for Rosando Sideboard
Rosando Sideboard & Speaker Unit

I’m really impressed with the speaker unit, such a great look, and to be specifically made (and integrated into) the sideboard/bar unit is awesome.

You can find it on eBay by searching for ‘Rosando Sideboard’. Whilst there be sure to check out the seller. As mentioned above they’re one of my favourites on eBay, consistently listing great items at very reasonable prices (note – we have no affiliation with the eBay seller).

Auction Watch # 15 – Sputnik Weather Station

This little guy caught my eye this week.

West German Weather Station
Great Sputnik Desk Barometer!

Listed as a Atomic Retro Era West German Sputnik Type Barometer Weather Station c1960’s (to find on eBay, search for the before mentioned text).

The description calls it a ‘mix of science and modernist design’ to which I would agree,  however I definitely think it has that ‘Steampunk’ look to it also. The perspex globe, the compass points , the brass components contrasting against the brushed aluminum gauge faces help make this desk weather station a quirky, unique and unusual piece.

How great would this look sitting on your office desk? A certain conversation starter!

Price? Currently sitting at $15.50 with 4 days remaining.

When searching international eBay auction results prices vary, anywhere from £20 all the way up to £200. Bargain…………….at the moment, but we’ll see where it ends up!

Auction Watch # 14 – Retro Chair

Came across this ‘Retro Chair’ whilst browsing eBay tonight.

Mid Century Kone Chair
Retro chair? Or more…..

And whilst the description is somewhat accurate, the seller would benefit to update the title. See, this retro chair is actually a ‘Kone Chair’.  Dating from the late 40’s or possibly a remanufactured version from the early 50’s.

For more info be sure to check out  Australian Modern’s in-depth blog post on the Kone chair here.

Current auction price of the above chair? $108.45. Will be interesting to see how this one pans out. To find, just search eBay for ‘Retro Chair’.

Auction Watch # 13 – Retro Drinks Coffee Table

I’ve been struggling to find things of interest on eBay over the last month or so, however tonight it was like someone flicked a switch!

Check out this great 1950’s drinks trolley with a serving tray that detaches.

Retro coffee table
Auction Watch # 13 – Mid Century drinks trolley.

Looks to manufactured out of  Victorian Ash and finished in the ever so recognisable golden shellac. The serving tray appears to have a black glass top, more than likely being vitrolite. Sitting atop 4 shepherds castors I love the design and shape. Definitely some atomic styling there.

Price? Currently sitting at $150 with no bids. Pretty reasonable I think!

To find, just search eBay for Retro Drinks Coffee Table 50s Vintage.

Auction Watch # 10 – Fler E31 Style Chair

I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between a chair I recently came across on eBay and the Fler E31 Chair. For those not familiar below I have attached an original advert for the Fler chair along with a small colour image (sorry – couldn’t find anything larger at the time).

Fler E31 TV Chair
Fler E31 TV Chair

The interesting thing about the eBay chair is the use of materials. The original Fler chairs above date from the late 1950’s (1959 for the newspaper ad) and are manufactured from teak and use a newer design metal spring for the seat/back support.

Mid Century Chair
Auction Watch # 10

I would say that the eBay chair (pictured above & below)) is slightly older, possibly dating from the early 50’s and is manufactured from a hardwood (looks to be Victorian Ash) and is sprung  using Jute webbing and large springs for the seat support.

FLer Style TV Chair - Auction Watch # 10
FLer Style TV Chair – Auction Watch # 10

I definitely think there is a strong resemblance between the 2, however without any info on the original manufacturer of the eBay chair at this stage it may just be a coincidence…….

So, what would a restorer like this set you back? Well, currently it’s sitting at $11! And with just under 48 hours left on the auction you may just be able to pick up a bargain.

To find, just search eBay for Vintage 50s Modernist Chair Snelling Meadmore Atomic Era Project Old Retro Decor.


Auction Watch # 7 – Snelling Rocking Chairs (Yes, plural!)

Douglas Snelling rocking chair – x 2!

The first is listed for sale (buy it now).

Douglas Snelling Chair
Super rare snelling rocking chair

The second is currently at auction and ends in just under 24 hours.

Douglas Snelling rocking chair
Awesome Snelling rocking chair

Both are definitely worth checking out. Just search eBay for ‘Snelling Rocking Chair’.

We are hoping to have a closer look at some of  the different variety of Snelling chairs available in todays market within the next few weeks.