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Auction Watch # 25 – Selig Z Chair?

Another week, another interesting item of furniture from Melbourne.

Possible rosewood 1960's chair
Front on!
Mid Century Modern
6 pieces!

20th Century Salvation

It appears to be a version of the Selig Z chair, however in lounge suite form! We’re told it’s rosewood (kind of hard to tell from the photos, but you can catch a glimpse of it in one image) and that it was brought by a Chinese family from the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne in 1971 which to me would date it from the 1960’s. The original cushions were apparently filled with horse hair.

So we have –

  • Solid rosewood timber
  • Selig Z chair style/inspiration
  • Originating from the Chinese Consulate
  • Circa 1960’s
  • Price – no bids starting at $200

It’s a shame I’m 700km’s away otherwise this auction watch post might of come after the fact…..

To find, search eBay for – SIX 1960’s Rosewood Chairs.


Auction Watch # 23 – Viking Van Treight Lounge Suite

I’m really impressed with this corner lounge by Van Treight on eBay this week.

Mid Century Lounge Suite
Viking Series?

Consisting of 2 lounges (2 & 3 seater) which are joined in the corner by a nice matching coffee table it has a really nice shape – I love the sloping angles on the back rest/front of the arm rest. I’ve seen various pieces of Van Treight furniture in my time, and I must say that the quality is really, really high.

The same seller also has listed 2 single, matching arm chairs – one has a footstool. I think this presents as a nice opportunity to purchase quite a reasonable sized setting, all in one go!

1960's Australian Lounge Suite
Matching arm chairs!

With a good oiling and some fresh upholstery, I think you’d certainly be onto a winner here!

So what’s the current bid?  Well with all 3 auctions ending in 3 day, we have the –

  • Corner lounge suite and coffee table @ $51
  • High back arm chair @ $86
  • Low back arm chair with foot stool @ $87

Definitely one to keep an eye on. To find – Just search eBay for – Van Treight Viking Series

Happy bidding and Goodluck.

Ebay Listings 22/5/12

Another 3 listings kicked off last night.

We have a nice matching pair of retro/mid century bedsides. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Matching-Pair-Retro-Mid-Century-Bedside-Tables-Chest-Drawers-Very-Unique-/170846868934?pt=AU_Bedroom_Furniture&hash=item27c74455c6#ht_5394wt_1396

An Australian Army Dress Cap . http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-Australian-Army-Dress-Blues-Peak-Visor-Cap-Hat-Red-Band-Piping-NOS-/170846882967?pt=AU_Militaria&hash=item27c7448c97#ht_3767wt_1396

And probably my favourite eBay listing so far. A super cute childrens outdoor setting dating from the 1950/60’s. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-Retro-Candy-Cane-Stripe-Childrens-Outdoor-Setting-1950s-Super-Cute-/170846911503?pt=AU_OutdoorFurniture&hash=item27c744fc0f#ht_4233wt_1396

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

Auction Reminder!

Hello all. Just a quick little reminder that our ebay auctions from last week are nearing their completion. With over 400 pages views and 50+ watchers spread out across our 4 items we are very pleased with the results so far. These numbers help show us that we are on the right track in regards to listing items that attract interest!


Stay tuned as tomorrow night after 8 we’ll have some new ebay listings active!