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More Board Games?

Stop! Thief.

No, I’m not yelling at a man (or woman) being chased down the street by my trusty K9 companion after she caught them snooping around our back yard, I’m talking about this 1980’s (1979 for this version to be exact) board game.

1980's Board Game
Not wearing sunglasses? No liability here!

Now you may think I have a ‘thing’ for board games, just like I have a ‘thing’ for big lounges, but you’d be wrong. It just so happened that after featuring a 1960’s version of Twister on the blog a few months back (you can see that post here) I thought it’d be cool to share some images of this board game.

The first thing you notice, and the thing that attracted me to this game is that awesome cover art on the box – ‘STOPTHIEF’ in big, bold capitals varying in colour from purple to red to orange to yellow. To me that just screams 1980’s.  It is really cool to compare to the 1960’s Twister board game. Both styles extremely different, however each is
unmistakeable identifiable.

After you’ve dusted yourself off after being sucked in, and than spat back out by that cover art, we find that this board game was quite revolutionary, in the fact that it was one of the first games to bring an electronic device into the game play. Pretty cool eh.

1980's board games
Complete, always a positive!

Now without boring you on the finer details, basically the game play involves you, the detective finding a thief who is computer controller. How do you find a thief that is controlled by a computer? With your electronic crime scanner of course! The game itself does actually sound pretty fun, and perhaps something to break out on a cold
winters night in front of the fire to get away from all the modern day technology (irony much?).

Whilst doing some research, I did come across a nice video segment on the Collectors ABC which relates to a collector and his board games, and specifically features the STOPTHIEF game. If you’re interested in viewing, you can find it here.

Its that time of year again! State of Origin!

State of Origin! Perhaps the most anticipated sporting event in Australia. Next Wednesday night it kicks off down in Melbourne and I’m sure there are a lot of you who cannot wait! Myself included.

Tonight I thought I’d share an interesting board game I came across a few weeks back. Its called ‘The Rugby League State of Origin Football Game’ and dates from 1985 which is pretty early in the scheme of State of Origin.

It comprises of a cardboard field, little plastic players, a football, and cards which you select. These cards give you directions on how the game is played. Definitely a lot different to the modern rugby league videos games on consoles like the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3!

Overall it’s a pretty cool piece. Love the old school graphics on the cover. Would make a great piece for a collector of Rugby League related items!

I’ll be taking advantage of the hype State of Origin creates to try and help sell this board game. Looking to list it on eBay a week before game 2 in Sydney, and have it end the Tuesday night before the game! Very interested to see how it goes.

1980's Board Game - State of Origin