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Auction Watch # 21 – Summertone Buffet

Tonight I thought I’d log a few images as reference of a Summertone buffet/sideboard currently listed on eBay.

1950's Sideboard
eBay listing for a Summertone Buffet

Condition is OK, but work is needed, and with a starting price of $500 I think it’s pushing the envelope a little. However I think it’s worth noting as Summertone pieces have a great design and seem to be a little harder to come across! Nice shot of the makers label – which is different to other (earlier?) versions I have seen which appear to be more so of a badge.

To find – search for ‘Summertone Buffet’.

Still Short On Space!

Every now and then, as mentioned previously in this blog post I have a ‘run’ on certain items.

It was only 2-3 weeks ago that the hallway in our home was littered with chairs. I counted 12 down one side, 4 in a spare room, 2 in another room, 6 out in the shed……….anyone that came around to visit must of thought I was in the process of throwing a party for 20+ people! Never mind though, as I believe when you come across quality items, that is the time to buy them, even if they do start to encroach our living areas!

A few weeks on and after a few sets of our chairs finding new homes the hallway was starting to look a little bare…..not for long though!

Mid Century items for sale

Within the last week I have picked up 4 new pieces that will soon be for sale both in the online store and on eBay!

From left to right we have –

A really interesting combination piece, dating from the 1950’s it incorporates a bookcase/display cabinet/telephone cabinet.

Next in line is a really cool ‘transitional’ piece that has been fully refurbished, dates from the late 1940’s/early 1950’s and has both an Art Deco influence combined with early Mid Century design/style.

Following on is a 1960’s Sideboard/Buffet heavily influenced by Parkers range of Nordic furniture. This piece is the wider model, being 180cms wide.

Last but not least is a solid timber Bookcase/Storage unit manufactured by Noblett who were based in South Australia. Circa 1960/70’s. Love the offset compartments in this piece.

If you see an item you’re interested in please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Changing Styles

Just recently I have had in my possession 2 early sideboards/buffets. One I have a previous blog post on, being a 1950’s Parker Buffet. Since that post the piece has been restored to working order and will be coming up for auction in the coming weeks. The second one was a 1920/30’s Oak Sideboard/Buffet.

Both are beautiful pieces and originally manufactured for the same purpose – to be placed in a kitchen/dining room next to a matching dining room suite and house various cutlery, plates, dishes, jugs and so on.

Whilst doing the ‘photo shoot’ for both pieces I thought it would be beneficial to place both buffets side by side and take a few comparison shots to show the different styles of both pieces.

Comparison of 2 buffets. One Art Deco. One Mid Century

I can think of a few more different styles that could fit both before, in between and after these 2 pieces. The 1940’s style buffet was a boxy, dark veneered square bottomed piece.  The 1960’s style Buffet was a rectangular unit strongly influenced by Danish design, sitting on pokey style legs (not splayed like the above Parker buffet) and manufactured in a teak veneer.

As I come across all these smaller, different style buffets I’ll be sure to add them to the blog as a reference for different design and styles.

If you see one you like on our site or in a blog post be sure to get in contact as the Oak Buffet has already found a new home.