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Auction Watch # 25 – Selig Z Chair?

Another week, another interesting item of furniture from Melbourne.

Possible rosewood 1960's chair
Front on!
Mid Century Modern
6 pieces!

20th Century Salvation

It appears to be a version of the Selig Z chair, however in lounge suite form! We’re told it’s rosewood (kind of hard to tell from the photos, but you can catch a glimpse of it in one image) and that it was brought by a Chinese family from the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne in 1971 which to me would date it from the 1960’s. The original cushions were apparently filled with horse hair.

So we have –

  • Solid rosewood timber
  • Selig Z chair style/inspiration
  • Originating from the Chinese Consulate
  • Circa 1960’s
  • Price – no bids starting at $200

It’s a shame I’m 700km’s away otherwise this auction watch post might of come after the fact…..

To find, search eBay for – SIX 1960’s Rosewood Chairs.


Meyer Furniture

Meyer Furniture, not Myer. Got it? Good!

Mid Century Australian
Not a bad stance.

This chair is interesting to me. Why? Well because of its construction. From the front it appears to be your typical steel/iron rod chair. However once you see the underside you quickly realise that the frame isn’t welded together. It is in fact bolted together using various  clamps and fasteners. These hold the timber armrests (covered in plastic) / the back support and the seat all together (see photo below).

Mid Century Dining Chair
Early ‘Flat Pack’?

It really is quite amazing, and I would imagine of been more time consuming in the final assembly stage. I am curious why a company would go away from the traditional method of say, welding the frame together to the method described above?

Now I’m only speculating, but one reason I can think of is space saving for transport, just like Ikea’s flat pack furniture. You may of been able to fit say 20 of Meyer’s fully assembled chairs in the back of a delivery van, you break them down and that number could probably triple or quadruple quite easily. Another would be the ease of manufacture of each separate part off the production line.

So just who are ‘Meyer Furniture’? Searching on-line wasn’t a great deal of help, however trove brought up limited results. One was a news article from the 25th of September 1958 which read  –

The Sydney firm of Meyer Furniture successfully tendered for the supply and delivery of steel framed cafeteria furniture for the cafeteria to be located on the fourth floor of the new administrative Building at Parkes. The furniture comprises 90 tables, and 360 chairs, and deliveries are to be completed by November 17. The accepted tender price is £2,593.  

Another was a great image of their furniture stand at the 1960 Furniture Exhibition from the NSW State Library website – which I’m pretty sure shows the exact chair up against the rear wall.

Meyer Furniture Stand 1960

Unfortunately that’s all the info I can find right now, however as with most things the search never stops, it just gets put on ‘hold’ until some new information/pictures/furniture comes to light!

George Doukoff

I’ve had a hard time over the last few weeks finding anything of great interest to share with you for my ‘Auction Watch’ blog posts. Tonight whilst trawling all the usual haunts again I was less than impressed (hey – maybe it’s me!) however a chair listed for sale on eBay caught my eye.

1950's Chair
1950's Mid Century Chair
Silky Oak

The similarity between it and my ‘Warwick library chair’ which I posted about here almost 3 years ago reminded me that I needed to post an update about the said chair in question.

I was contacted by Dean from Australian Modern and he referred me to an article he had written about the designer – George Doukoff. It’s well worth a read, and you can find that article here – https://australianmodern.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/george-doukoff-the-man-behind-the-volkschair/

Re-reading back through Georges history myself, there is every chance that the chair currently listed on eBay (search for Atomic Wooden Silky Oak Mid Century Chair – Buy It Now $75)  is an early version/prototype that was discussed in the article of the eventual ‘Volkschair’.

The A-frame legs and its curves looks very, very similar along with those little arm rests sitting atop. The materials used are right for the period in question (early 1950’s) and the location of the chair (Strathpine QLD) is just 20km’s north of Brisbane, where George had his store and workshop.  Could these factors just be a coincidence? Possibly, and without any hard documentation or makers marks it’s just speculation! I’ll leave you to make up your own mind.

Side by side!

Auction Watch # 20 – 1960’s Swivel Lounge Chair

Tonight I open auction watch # 20 with a well known phrase – Credit given where credit is due.

What do I mean by that you may ask? See below…..

Auction Watch # 20
What a great picture!

How amazingly good is the main picture for the auction listing of a 1960’s swivel lounge chair!?! The way the sunlight is pouring through (I’d imagine a window) onto the backrest whilst creating subtle shadows and differing tones of colour on the rest of the chair is a real treat to look at. This image alone makes me want to be its new owner!

Of course there’s the great shape and design of the chair, along with the current bid – only being $71!

To find, search eBay for 1960s Swivel Lounge Chair, but be quick, there is just under 24 hours to go!

Makers Labels


Here is a chair. I purchased this chair a few years ago.

Single retro chair
Great mid century CRO chair.

It was originally in a set of 5 with the matching table. Although at the time I was tight for space so just settled on this one. Regret? Kind of now yes, but why did I purchase just this one chair?

The secret lies underneath.

Original mid century paper tag/makers label. CRO of Sydney.
Original mid century paper tag/makers label. C.R.O Furniture of Sydney.

As soon as I flipped the chair and saw the original cardboard makers tag still stapled underneath I knew I had to have it. Yes it was a shame to split it from the set (only 5 chairs originally so I didn’t feel too bad…..) but you can be sure I’ll come across these chairs and table in the future, an original tag though? Maybe a little more difficult. The 50 year old dust came at no extra cost also. Bargain!

Dust for free? You bet!
Dust for free? You bet!


Auction Watch # 18 – Mid Century Dining Chairs x 3

Fair range of goodies on eBay this week, however I picked these 3 Mid Century dining chairs to share.

Retro dining chairs
Auction Watch # 18

Described as a ‘Set of three Mid Century Dining Chairs to restore with a cool solid timber back handle’ I really love their shape. The lines of those angled A-frame timber legs and the white vinyl 1 piece seat/back support are just so clean. They actually remind me a little of the ‘volkschair’ I posted about on the blog previously – see here.

It’s a little hard to tell if the handle on the rear top of the back support is original, I’m leaning towards no, as the timbers appear to be different, along with the clash of styles although it does contrast nicely against the white vinyl upholstery and tie in with the dark stained timber base.

Retro Kitchen Chairs
Great shape!

Price? Buy it now for $67! Cheap as chips for such a great looking set of chairs. Yes they do need a little bit of work, and it’s a shame they’re missing the extra one to make a set of 4 however I think they’d be a great buy!

To find, search eBay for – Mid Century x 3 dining chairs retro vintage Danish Eames Style Atomic To Restore

Mid Century Dining Suites

Check out these 2 awesome dining suites that have just been added to the online store!

Atomic Dining Suite & Parker Dining Suite

The first is an early 1950’s Dining Suite. Comprising of 5 pieces and manufactured from a Queensland maple it has that awesome ‘atomic’ style design/influence that is so recognisable from that era.


The second is a late 1960’s Parker 7 piece suite manufactured out of solid teak. This setting oozes that famous danish style design and still has its original, bright and funky orange/yellow check upholstery.


Its great seeing these 2 suites side by side. You can really appreciate the difference in style and design from each era.

Warwick Library Chair

How awesome is this chair? And its story is just as good!

Mid Century Industrial Chair

I purchased it from an old couple a few weeks back. They were moving into a retirement village and no longer had a need for the chair. The couple told me of how they were married in the 1960’s and upon moving out into their own home they needed some lounge chairs. Unfortunately money was tight and all they could afford from the local second hand dealer was a pair of the above chairs that were originally from the Warwick public library in Queensland. As time went on the chairs were moved from the lounge room into the bedroom for use as a ‘bedroom chair’. When quizzed on the other chair I was informed that quite a few years ago the steam bent plywood back had cracked and it was disposed of…………..

Never mind though, one is better none! And the story to go with it adds that nice, personal touch, to know where it came from and why it was used.

Plans?  I’m thinking I’ll restore it, may be a few weeks/months until I get around to it however I definitely think it’ll be worth it!

Meadmore Style Outdoor Garden Chairs

I spotted these Meadmore style outdoor garden chairs just around the corner from our home a few weeks ago. I was surprised that I had never noticed them before, especially considering how many times I’ve walked by with the dog.

Vintage outdoor garden chairs

After a few failed attempts in making contact with the owner, I was finally able to purchase these awesome designed chairs.

After sitting outside for the last 20-30 years they are a little worse for wear, however structually they are in great condition. The frames of the chairs are manufactured from 1/2 inch steel rod which had been plastic wrapped for protection. They do possess an interesting feature being the arm rests/supports that wrap around the back of the chair. The seat & back support are also manufactured from steel rod/wire (being a thinner gauge).

I’m really looking forward to stripping these back, and then hitting them with a really bright colour. Possibly a Chrome Yellow, or a Burnt Orange! They definitely have the potential to be the centre piece in any vintage/industrial/retro inspired space!