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Cut & Paste

Over the weekend I carried out a few minor repairs on a great Hayson teak/veneer dressing table. A common issue often seen with the majority of teak furniture dating from the 1960’s can be chips/damage to the thin veneer. They are unsightly, can run further if caught whilst cleaning and also devalue your beautiful piece of furniture.

1960's furniture repair
Sitting precariously!

For example, on the left hand side of the dresser, towards the bottom edge we are missing a 15mm x 20mm piece of veneer, along with a few other smaller nicks to the right. Obviously it’s not a major issue, it’s just there, and you know about it, and you hate how it’s damaged in that area, and how it catches your eye every time you walk past – much like a dent to your beloved car!

So how do we fix? We simply glue in another piece of teak veneer, and try to match it as best we can!

Teak Veneer Repairs
Left – little to dark / Right – better

The teak veneer used above I salvaged from a broken record player I stumbled across at the local tip one day. The piece to the left is a little to dark, and whilst the piece on the right is better – the grain however is a little wider and not quite as tight, but it will have to do!

1960's Sideboard Drawers Repair
Glueing / Taping / Finished.

So after squaring the edges, and meticulously peeling off a piece from the ‘donor’ it was trimmed, glued and clamped into place, along with a few smaller pieces (under the tape). Once the glue was dry I removed the clamp and I must say I was a little surprised at how much darker it looks now on its own compared to the side by side picture. A light sand with some 800 grit wet & dry, and a few coats of furniture polish (oil) and we’re done!

Now although the colour doesn’t quite match 100%, the repair is complete! The veneer’s are level, and firmly glued down, with no chance of any further damage occurring. Remember, we’re not trying to hide the repair or signs of it’s previous life – we’re ensuring the piece is in great, functional condition, ready for the next 50 years of use!

Auction Watch # 2 – 1960’s Dressing Table Base

Welcome to our 2nd auction watch, and by watch, I mean….well…..the auction has ended and the piece has been sold (I’m off to a great start here LOL). However I still think it’s worthwhile to share.

Mid Century Drawer Unit
1960’s Sideboard/Dressing Table

This piece was just recently sold on eBay ($169.50). It was marketed as a ‘Danish Retro Atomic Eames Era 4 Drawer Chest of Drawers or Lowline Sidboard’. 

Originally this was a dressing table (you can see the mounting holes in the rear picture below). It’s unfortunate that it is missing as I think it would of had a great shape and really made this an unbelievable piece.

Rear view - Mid Century Dressing table
1960’s Dressing table rear view

So what exactly do I like about it? Well, pretty much everything. The design, the shape, the handles, the colour, the chrome plated feet and attachments, the makers label!

1960's Dressing table
Side view – Mid Century dressing table

So, what would you use it for? Well although it is missing it’s mirror, it’s still a great piece of functional furniture. I’d like to see it used in a bedroom setting for storage, perhaps with a wall hung mirror above, but really it’s uses are only limited by your imagination.

The original seller even suggested it’s use as a Lowline (TV?) unit. For sure that would be great, but some advice for those repurposing dressing tables and similar items as a lowline TV unit. Just watch the weight of your TV and the strength and support of the top of your unit.  These pieces were designed to only carry the weight of a few bottles of perfume and makeup, not your 60 inch 50kg flat screen TV!

Awesome retro dressing table
Makers Label – 1960’s mid century dressing table.

Until next time!

Help Save This Mid Century Parker Dressing Table!

On a trip up to Canberra today I came across this dressing table.

1950's Parker Dressing Table

It was the same one that was there a few weeks back when I popped into the same shop. Looking a little unloved and sitting by itself I recognised (after the first time seeing it) it as being from Parkers range of Mid Century furniture.

Image from a 1950's Parker Catalogue

Now I don’t have an exact date from the catalogue, but I believe it would date from the early 1950’s.

The mirror has a few small chips and is missing 1 or 2 of the ‘claw’ feet that hold the mirror in place along with one of the drawer runners needing repair but apart from those issues it really is in pretty good condition for its age.

And now for the price! Well lets just say that if you could go without 2 large coffees from your regular coffee house this piece could be yours!

Why didn’t I buy it you ask? Well the first time I saw it I wasn’t 100% sure it was a Parker piece (however the research following assured me it was). And today? Well unfortunately Jim (my Ute) was full and I had no more room for this little piece.

I feel a little bad really, almost as if I left it behind with its future uncertain. Will it find a new loving home? Or will it be on the next load to land fill?

So people, if you are in the Canberra region, and like the lines and design of this Mid century dressing table by Parker Furniture be sure to get in contact with me and I will pass on the details………..whether or not it’s still there though is another thing!