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Sideboard Restoration

A few weeks ago I received a call from a client looking for a sideboard to put in their holiday house down the coast. The brief was pretty simple. Something beachie and light to match a new coat of paint and some freshly discovered floor boards in their lounge room. It’s to house a flat screen TV, DVD player, DVD’s and a few books along with a few small ornaments.

With nothing quite suitable on the site I checked out our storage shed for a piece I had in mind.

Its a 1950’s sideboard, comprising of a laminex top, 4 drawers and cupboard space (again covered in laminex) along with a display area to the centre of the piece with a glass shelf/2 glass sliding doors.

Now lets face it, the piece is pretty ugly……that pink/salmon laminex along with that darkish stained timber…ugh. The sideboard though had great dimensions along with those awesome splayed legs that flow so smoothly into the bottom support. The ‘bones’ were good, and in this situation that’s all that matters.

First up the laminex top, drawers, and door were removed along with the drawer runners and cupboard space shelf. This left a few gaping holes to fill. We decided the best way to achieve the ‘beachie & light’ style we were after was to go with a pine plywood. It does bring an ‘industrial’ style feel along so we decided to go with exposed/countersunk screw heads also.

Once the majority of the frame work was completed the original timber veneer sides/solid timber base were sanded to remove the 60+ year old shellac and the accompanying dark timber stain underneath. The masonite backs were lightly scuffed and primed in white undercoat.

The plan is to varnish all the exposed timber (cuts down on ongoing maintenance – holiday home) whilst painting the masonite backs in a vivid white paint to not only add to the ‘light’ feel of the piece, but to contrast nicely against the the wide flowing pine plywood grain and the tight maple veneer grain.

Mid Century Sideboard

Definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product. Stay tuned.

Awesome Industrial Bedsides!

Check out this awesome pair of industrial bedsides!

Vintage Metal Bedsides

Purchased just over a week ago I was told these bedsides originally came from the nursing quarters of a hospital in the Rockdale area.

Dating from the 1950’s these bedsides are manufactured from a sheet metal and comprise of a single drawer on timber runner inserts (interesting) and a door which reveals a small cupboard compartment.

The colours are great and super modern for being over 50 years old!. A white drawer face that contrasts beautifully against the teal ‘body’. What’s even more amazing is that they’re all original with only a few little marks here and there consistent with general use.

After a good clean and checking over they will be listed on eBay within the coming weeks so be sure to keep an eye out for these great, mid century industrial bedsides that are sure to be the statement pieces of your industrial inspired bedroom!

50’s Industrial Aluminium Light Shades

I’d been eyeing off these security light shades for months. Sitting atop of a barbed wire fence they were originally used to light up a display. Upon approaching the owner he was more than happy to move them on thus making myself the new owner!

Aluminium Light Shades 1950's Airstream

Manufactured out of Aluminium they have a great conical shape which tends to remind me of  the famous ‘Airstream’ caravans that are ever so popular over in the states. I’d imagine they’d date from the 1950’s and appear to of been painted white at some stage. With the white paint well weathered it give’s them a great patina (don’t ask me why but I hate using that word, perhaps because it’s so mainstream now?).

Anyways, what to do with them? I guess I could possibly make them into individual standing lamps however ideally I’d love to see them be kept together and used for their original purpose. Perhaps they could light up the front of a great looking Deco/Mid Century home, or be used in an industrial space looking down from the ceiling to direct light at specific display pieces.

May be a little while till I make up my mind, however if interested be sure to drop us a line and we’ll see what we can work out.

Till next time.

Lighting…It’s Everywhere!

I find every now and then I’ll have a run on a certain item, and what I mean by that is I can go weeks, even months without seeing a certain type of item, and then within say a 2 week period all I’ll come across is that item!

Well, as you guessed of late I’ve been finding a heap of lighting related items.

Retro Ball Lamps, Enamel light fittings, Art Deco lighting

Top left is a retro pair of matching ‘ball’ or ‘egg’ style lamps. Probably my favourite lighting piece at the moment. Made to a very high quality with both the height and direction of the lamp being adjustable.

Top right is an Art Deco chandelier. A beautiful piece. There is also a matching 3 arm chandelier if you wanted a matching pair. Would make an impressive statement in an entry/foyer of a early 20th century home.

Bottom left, again another pair. Nice industrial feel to these shades. Light grey enamel coating to the outside. I think these would go great in an industrial style kitchen/dining room. I can see these hanging down above the main dining table or island bench in the kitchen.

Bottom right is a black retro lantern style light fitting with slivers of multi coloured plastic around the outside. I cannot wait to have one of these wired up hanging above out kitchen bench to see how it looks! Great thing about this fitting is that there are 6 of them which would give you the opportunity to line a long hallway, or as above have a few hanging down above your kitchen bench. I think if you were to hang these above a bench you could stagger the height of them for that extra WOW factor.

All will be available in the online store, or on eBay within the next month or so.