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Holiday TV Lamp!

I recently picked up this beautiful little TV lamp whilst on holidays. After spotting it in a local retro/vintage shop I knew it had to be mine, so after exchanging some currency it was packed away in my suitcase and safely made the 2500km trip home with me.

I definitely didn’t appreciate just how amazing the projection of light is from this little lamp. It shoots a really crisp line of light illuminating everything below the shade, whilst casting a shadow above.

Australian TV lamp 1950's
Tripod Legs! Always a favourite.

Along with it’s crisp line lighting ability, we have the simple yet always amazing ‘tripod’ base which is just so cool.

1950's TV Lamp Australian
Unmasked from the darkness!

The top hat (shade) is another impressive piece of design, which looks to be floating above the lamp itself when illuminated, almost like a UFO! Combined with the tripod base the proportions of this TV lamp for mine makes it one of the best I’ve seen.

This one’s a keeper for sure.

The Right Shade

I’ve owned this great mid century teak ‘rocket style’ lamp for a little while now, and it has always donned the cream, coolie lamp shade. Although reasonable in style, it just never felt quite right.

Mid Century Teak Lamp
Ready for take off!

With the 3 legged tripod base, and the narrow, tapering central column the wide based coolie shade was a little top heavy. How much though I never realised until just recently when I came across this fantastic, original teal and gold drum style lamp shade.

Teal, or Cream?
Teal, or Cream?

With the teal shade firmly in my possession I was keen to try it out on the rocket lamp and see how it looked. I was super impressed not only with how well the teal contrasted against the teak, but also in it’s proportions. The drum style shade seems to suit the lamp perfectly, and allows the overall flow to continue on up, compared to the coolie style shade which I feel halted the flow – the shape – the design of the original lamp!

Now residing in our lounge room, with the teal shade firmly atop, the teak rocket style lamp will soon be joined by another teal coloured item. Possibly my favourite piece. Blog post and images to come!

Atomic magazine rack, no its a coffee table, no wait it’s a standing lamp……….

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to come across a magazine rack  in an antique store whilst on holidays which was extremely similar to the one I been restoring, however this one was a slightly modified version, being a combination between magazine rack/coffee table and standing lamp.

Coffee Table 1950
Retro magazine rack

It was great to see another one floating around (although slightly different). I previously mentioned about researching what the original divider would of looked like, and ended up coming up with my own variation after my research failed to shed any light on it (which in my opinion kicks ass compared to the boring, rectangular shape divider used in the original). It was also handy to see the original fastening method of the frame to the central rack.

Mid Century Mix
Coffee table/magazine rack/standing lamp

Would you believe that since then I’ve come across another? Always the way though, never around when you’re looking for one, and plentiful when you’re not.

Standing lamp
Mid Century combo piece

Lighting…It’s Everywhere!

I find every now and then I’ll have a run on a certain item, and what I mean by that is I can go weeks, even months without seeing a certain type of item, and then within say a 2 week period all I’ll come across is that item!

Well, as you guessed of late I’ve been finding a heap of lighting related items.

Retro Ball Lamps, Enamel light fittings, Art Deco lighting

Top left is a retro pair of matching ‘ball’ or ‘egg’ style lamps. Probably my favourite lighting piece at the moment. Made to a very high quality with both the height and direction of the lamp being adjustable.

Top right is an Art Deco chandelier. A beautiful piece. There is also a matching 3 arm chandelier if you wanted a matching pair. Would make an impressive statement in an entry/foyer of a early 20th century home.

Bottom left, again another pair. Nice industrial feel to these shades. Light grey enamel coating to the outside. I think these would go great in an industrial style kitchen/dining room. I can see these hanging down above the main dining table or island bench in the kitchen.

Bottom right is a black retro lantern style light fitting with slivers of multi coloured plastic around the outside. I cannot wait to have one of these wired up hanging above out kitchen bench to see how it looks! Great thing about this fitting is that there are 6 of them which would give you the opportunity to line a long hallway, or as above have a few hanging down above your kitchen bench. I think if you were to hang these above a bench you could stagger the height of them for that extra WOW factor.

All will be available in the online store, or on eBay within the next month or so.