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Parker Bedside Repairs

Lucky enough to come across a great matching set of Parker Nordic bedsides.

Condition was pretty good, however the leg on one had a previous repair which wasn’t quite up to standard, there was also a nasty gouge to the top edge and a small chip to the veneer on one drawer front.

Mid Century Teak Bedsides
Leg repair!
Nordic Bedsides Parker
Solid Timber Repair!
1960's Parker Furniture
Veneer repair!

With all repairs carried out, the original finish was given a light go over with some super fine steel wool, and then 2 coats of an oil/mineral turpentine mixture was applied.

Mid Century Parker Bedsides

Very happy with the end results! The bedsides will be available in the online shop with the matching bed head very soon.

Auction Watch # 11 – 1950’s Parker Sideboard

Search eBay for ‘Parker Sideboard Display Cupboard’ and you’ll come across the following –

Maple 1950's Buffet
Mid Century Sideboard

Although it’s touted as being from the 1960’s, it actually dates from 1953. I like it, beautiful Queensland maple, angled lines, concave handles and yellow backing in the display section is so typical of the Australian Mid Century era.

Yes, there is a little damage, however with a little time and effort it would come up great, and all at a very reasonable price too!

Auction Watch # 9 – Parker Lounge Suite

Whilst browsing eBay this week I came across a piece of furniture I’ve been lucky enough to of ‘found’ before. It’s a 3 piece Parker lounge suite with what I think are possibly some of the best curves on an Australian made lounge suite from the Mid Century era. Just check out how the arm supports curve beautifully around the rear of the single/three seater! Not to mention the grain of the timber, AMAZING!

Teak framed mid century lounge suite
Beautiful 3 piece Parker lounge suite.

Now above I did mention that I ‘found’ mine……..Yep, thats right, driving home one night on a local council clean up week out of the corner of my eye I spotted the rattan back of a single chair sticking out of a pile of rubbish. I looped back around the block for a closer look and sure enough there it was, along with the matching 3 seater (frames only). I couldn’t believe my luck!

To check this unreal piece of Australian, mid century design furniture, just search eBay for ‘Vintage Parker 3 seater wrap around lounge’. Currently priced @ $338 for the 3 seater and $449 for the 2 matching chairs with 4 days left!

Interesting Parker Sideboard

A new category for the blog this year will be ‘Auction Watch’, which basically as the name suggests will preview and discuss items either being auctioned online or for sale online through various websites.

It’s not a new idea, however it is one I definitely like. I think it helps to give you/me/whoever is browsing an insight into what other people of various fields find interesting and intriguing, along with furthering your knowledge/understanding  at the same time. Basically a win win situation.

To save the blog having a a heap of dead links in a few months time I’ll copy and paste a few photos, along with where the item is listed and the keywords needed to find it!

Don’t be shy to share something interesting you may of come across also, happy to hear and see what you guys are searching for/looking at. You can contact us here.

The first item I’ll be sharing is a ‘RETRO GENUINE ORIGINAL PARKER SIDEBOARD BUFFET 2 DOOR 4 DRAWER’ and although the auction has ended (was an eBay listing) I think it’s still worth sharing due to the interesting design of the piece.

Parker Sideboard Blog

This sideboard shares the same legs as an original Parker Coffee table that is currently for sale on the website (see here) and although we can’t quite make the date in the above picture, it would be from the late 1950’s, more than likely 1958 (same as the coffee table).

So why is this interesting you may ask? Well for me it confirms what I thought about the coffee table (possibly from the same series of furniture). That it is an in-between piece in regards to design and styling. Gone are the angled/splayed legs of the early 1950’s pieces however the veneers had not quite progressed to teak that became so popular during the 1960’s.

And what did it sell for? Well it was listed at $885, however the listing was ended early – most likely due to an outside offer/being sold through another avenue. Nice buying!


New Stock Added!

Over the weekend we added 4 new pieces to the website! Including –

  • 2 original Parker Coffee tables – both dating from the 1950’s.
  • A sewing box with that great ‘atomic’ styling.
  • 1940’s/50’s fold out table, perfect for those unexpected dinner guests or the weekly poker night.

Be sure to take a look. You’ll find them on the home page under the ‘Latest’ listings heading.


We are endeavouring to list more stock over the coming weeks with some really great items in the pipeline.

Mid Century Dining Suites

Check out these 2 awesome dining suites that have just been added to the online store!

Atomic Dining Suite & Parker Dining Suite

The first is an early 1950’s Dining Suite. Comprising of 5 pieces and manufactured from a Queensland maple it has that awesome ‘atomic’ style design/influence that is so recognisable from that era.


The second is a late 1960’s Parker 7 piece suite manufactured out of solid teak. This setting oozes that famous danish style design and still has its original, bright and funky orange/yellow check upholstery.


Its great seeing these 2 suites side by side. You can really appreciate the difference in style and design from each era.

Help Save This Mid Century Parker Dressing Table!

On a trip up to Canberra today I came across this dressing table.

1950's Parker Dressing Table

It was the same one that was there a few weeks back when I popped into the same shop. Looking a little unloved and sitting by itself I recognised (after the first time seeing it) it as being from Parkers range of Mid Century furniture.

Image from a 1950's Parker Catalogue

Now I don’t have an exact date from the catalogue, but I believe it would date from the early 1950’s.

The mirror has a few small chips and is missing 1 or 2 of the ‘claw’ feet that hold the mirror in place along with one of the drawer runners needing repair but apart from those issues it really is in pretty good condition for its age.

And now for the price! Well lets just say that if you could go without 2 large coffees from your regular coffee house this piece could be yours!

Why didn’t I buy it you ask? Well the first time I saw it I wasn’t 100% sure it was a Parker piece (however the research following assured me it was). And today? Well unfortunately Jim (my Ute) was full and I had no more room for this little piece.

I feel a little bad really, almost as if I left it behind with its future uncertain. Will it find a new loving home? Or will it be on the next load to land fill?

So people, if you are in the Canberra region, and like the lines and design of this Mid century dressing table by Parker Furniture be sure to get in contact with me and I will pass on the details………..whether or not it’s still there though is another thing!


More Mid Century Furniture!

Quick little preview on 2 beautiful pieces of Mid Century design furniture.

Mid Century Coffee Table Retro Telephone Table

The first is a ‘John Grimes’ Telephone table/seat. This piece is in as new condition and I doubt it has had very much use at all over the last 40 – 50 years. Beautiful combination of solid teak/teak veneer with a contrasting bright white vinyl seat.

The second is a small Parker Coffee table. Very clever design which gives the impression from front on that the table top is floating about the base. Made from coach wood it is finished in a shellac style coating. The table has a date stamp underneath reading 6 AUG 1958 which is just before Parker released its range of ‘Nordic’ style furniture. They did however use this same design in that range but used teak, instead of coach wood.

Changing Styles

Just recently I have had in my possession 2 early sideboards/buffets. One I have a previous blog post on, being a 1950’s Parker Buffet. Since that post the piece has been restored to working order and will be coming up for auction in the coming weeks. The second one was a 1920/30’s Oak Sideboard/Buffet.

Both are beautiful pieces and originally manufactured for the same purpose – to be placed in a kitchen/dining room next to a matching dining room suite and house various cutlery, plates, dishes, jugs and so on.

Whilst doing the ‘photo shoot’ for both pieces I thought it would be beneficial to place both buffets side by side and take a few comparison shots to show the different styles of both pieces.

Comparison of 2 buffets. One Art Deco. One Mid Century

I can think of a few more different styles that could fit both before, in between and after these 2 pieces. The 1940’s style buffet was a boxy, dark veneered square bottomed piece.  The 1960’s style Buffet was a rectangular unit strongly influenced by Danish design, sitting on pokey style legs (not splayed like the above Parker buffet) and manufactured in a teak veneer.

As I come across all these smaller, different style buffets I’ll be sure to add them to the blog as a reference for different design and styles.

If you see one you like on our site or in a blog post be sure to get in contact as the Oak Buffet has already found a new home.

Parker Sideboard – After 55 years hard labour…………….

I came across this Parker Sideboard a few weeks back. Dates from mid to late 1950’s and is made from a Queensland Maple/veneer. From the research I have done I would say this piece would be one of the last of this style made by Parker before they released their range of furniture based on the Scandinavian influence.

It certainly has served its time. In all my years repairing and restoring furniture these would have to be some of the most worn drawer runners I have seen! The right side was definitely more favoured then the left. Fortunately the missing door handle was tucked away in the back of the left drawer.

Retro Sideboard Parker

Looking forward to giving this cute little sideboard the TLC it deserves after serving 2 life sentences!