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Auction Watch # 24 – Sunken Lounge Room Delight!

As soon as I saw this listing, the first thing that came to mind was a sunken lounge room!

Crown Casino Lounge Suite
Very cool!

The first thought came into yours was ‘here he goes with his big lounge fetish again’…..

But seriously though, can you blame me? How cool is this monstrosity of a lounge! Apparently it originated from the Mahogany room in Crown Casino – that might help explain it’s brown velour upholstery……..

So what are you waiting for? Buy now, build your lounge room around it later and then invite around 13 of your friends and converse the night away!

To find, search eBay for  – Large RETRO modular couch. But be quick, ending tomorrow PM with a starting price of $150!

Mystery Solved – Fler Tub Lounge – Flerbelle

Following on from here and here, you can see I was a little stuck on finding out any more information on a Fler lounge suite I currently have in my possession. Well, that was last week! Fast forward to tonight and thanks to Dean from Melbourne  we have now solved the mystery.

Dean got in contact via the contact page and advised that he has the identical lounge suite, in the original, awesome lime green upholstery.

Retro Lounge suite - Australian
Original, Lime green Fler ‘flerbelle’ lounge suite.

Turns out that Dean’s parents brought the lounge suite new, and today it still looks just as good as it did when it came off the showroom floor. I asked how comfortable the lounge suite is, as I know for me it was possibly the most comfortable lounge chair I’ve ever sat it. He replied –

Yes, the single-seater tub chairs, when you sit sideways in them with your legs draped over 1 side, are just like sitting in a cloud!

So you may be asking now how have we identified the lounge suite? All we’ve got is an identical suite, with no real other markings or labels, right? Wrong!

Well, you see, as it turns out Dean’s parents also kept the original sales brochure! And he was good enough to send through some images of it also!

1960's/70's Fler Lounge Catalogue
Flerbelle – In all it’s original glory!
Prices for an original Fler Lounge Suite
Original Fler Catalogue with pricing!

So there we have it, Flerbelle – consisting of a single moulding of strong rigid polyurethane covered with soft foam.

How great is the original brochure – dimensions, original pricing, original showroom image! Super cool!

Again I must thank Dean J, from Melbourne for identifying my unidentified Fler lounge suite, without his time and effort to get in contact and send through the above images who knows how long I’d be searching the interwebs for! Hopefully it may help out others in the future with their quest for knowledge also.

As it turns out that Dean is moving apartments shortly, and unfortunately the Fler suite won’t fit and he will be looking to find a new home for it. So if you’re in the market for a 1 owner, original Fler Flerbelle 3 piece lounge suite in excellent condition with the original sales brochure, be sure to get in contact and I’ll pass on your details.

Liquorice Allsorts?

For my first post of 2015 I thought I’d share a great picture of some liquorice allsorts.

Liquorice Allsorts

Why? Well, because they supposedly have some relevance to a great! dining suite I came across on Gumtree during the break.

Chiswell Teak Table & Chairs
Great retro dining suite.

Described as a ‘one owner Parker Chiswell dining table and 6 chairs of different colours in original vinyl covering’ the dining suite was originally brought by the sellers parents 1969.

Mid Century Teak Dining Suite
Amazing colours!

I find the colours on the chairs to be amazing and really unique, especially being the original vinyl!

Mid Century coloured dining suite
Teak Extending Table

I think you’ll find that the manufacturer is Chiswell, and that ‘Parker’ has been thrown in there for a little ‘clever’ marketing. Regardless, this is a really cool piece of functional furniture, and something that I definitely hope to see more of in the future!

To find, search Gumtree for – Parker Chiswell dining table and 6 chairs, Teak, 1969

Mid Century Cot

Whilst browsing a recycle centre earlier this week I came across a piece of mid century furniture which had never, ever crossed my mind – a mid century styled cot.

Retro Cot
Great mid century styled cot.

Manufactured from a teak/teak veneer and dating from the 1960’s I would have a guess that this cot would of been a custom made piece to fit in with the rest of the original owners home decor. With all the correct signs of a quality piece of furniture I could only imagine (and would love to of seen) what other pieces the original owner had!

Retro Teak Cot

With a piano hinged door that revealed shelf space on one end,

Australian Mid Century Cot
Towel Rack

And a double towel rack to the other this cot was definitely made with practicality in mind, however style was not sacrificed in the process.

Mid Century styled cot
Mid Century styled cot

So did I buy it? Unfortunately, no. It was super hard to walk away from but due to the difficulty in regards to selling older style cots/baby furniture and whether they comply with relevant Australian Standards just isn’t worth the hassle…….Hopefully it’ll find a good home though and be saved from being turned into landfill.

Mystery Fler ‘Tub Style’ Lounge Suite

In my last auction watch I shared an interesting single lounge chair manufactured by fler. Although the colour would not of appealed to everyone (and that’s being nice), I could relate seeing as I have the same lounge chair (apart of a 3 piece suite) currently in storage.

Retro lounge suite
Fler Lounge Suite

Now as you can see, it has been reupholstered in that hideous floral pattern fabric. It’s lines and curves however what were originally attracted my attention.

Retro fler lounge chair
Great curves!

Once I looked a little deeper (removed a cushion cover) I discovered a great, possibly original swatch of fabric which seemed to match the style of the lounge a little better.

Tub stye fler lounge chair
Great fabric design.

I’m still not 100% sure though on the material above being what the lounge would of been originally covered in, it seems a little to ‘light’, and contrasts strongly to what the eBay listed lounge chair is covered in.

I guess if I could find an old advert on the said lounge online it would help out, alot! However there within lies the problem. I have searched reasonably extensively through trove and other online sources and came up with zip, hence my excitement at finally seeing another one online.

It’s style almost reminds me of Featherstons Numero 4/7 range (which dates from the 1970’s) so could of possibly had some influence on this style of fler lounge.

Groovy Fler lounge.
Base of Fler tub style lounge chair.

The fler lounge suite appears to have a fibregass inner shell, which is covered in a high quality foam. The white plastic base covers the bottom along with providing the ‘feet’ for the lounge/chair, and to be honest those lounge chairs are possibly the most comfiest chairs I have ever sat in! I imagine it feels like what sitting on or in a cloud would. LOL.

So can you help me identify the era and model of this groovy Fler lounge suite? Love to hear from you here.

Retro Copperama

A little while ago I came across a great retro wall hanging. It was a 3D image of a Lyrebird which had a copper colouring to it. The lyrebird was mounted against a golden perspex? background. Very beautiful and it was the first time I had seen anything like it. Listed on the site it soon found a new home in Victoria.

Fast forward to last weekend and what do I happen to find, in a very similar fashion to the lyrebird? Another great retro wall hanging, however this one depicts a different scene.

Vintage picture - Lion & Gazelles
Lion taking down a Gazelle.

As you can see, we have a Lion taking down a Gazelle, whilst another continues to make a swift getaway! What a great scene, however what I really liked was on the back. See the lyrebird had no identification/label/age indication at all where this has an identification mark, being ‘Copperama’ along with a date – 1983. Now although some may think these are only minor things (which they are in their own right) they definitely help to identify the possible manufacturer/series along with it’s age. Something that is always important!

It definitely matches my current interior styling, and will be appreciated on the wall until it tickles someone elses fancy! Should be online this weekend.

Auction Watch # 4 – Atomic Console Desk?

Whilst browsing eBay this week I came across an interesting ‘Console Desk’. You can find it buy searching for ‘Mid Century Tambour Splayed Leg Hall Table Console Desk Atomic Retro Vintage’.

1960's bread bin?
Images and blog post on an atomic console desk. Quirky item indeed.

The first thing that caught my eye was the bread bin style roll top ‘desk’ sitting upon 4 long, angled/splayed legs (It looks very similar to something I made during woodwork at school – to house bread only though….LOL). Upon closer inspection of the images it looks to me as though this quirky piece of furniture has been fashioned up from various other items (the coachwood cigar shaped legs, the bread bread with roll top lid, slide out drawer of some description and a coachwood shelf insert).

Regardless of the each of the original manufacturers idea’s, these various  items have been assembled together by someone with a decent eye to make (up-cycle?) a really unique, and quirky piece of functional furniture. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it. Props go to the eBay seller for his/her great photos and styling .

Upcoming 1950’s Items!

Tonight I thought I’d give you all a sneak peak at a few items that I’ll be listing for sale in the online store within the next week or two.

All of the pieces date from the 1950’s and possess that great style and design that is instantly recognisable. Owning one or more of these items won’t cost you the world either, with prices ranging from $15 – $175 they are all affordable items which will add that special touch to your mid century inspired interior.

Mid Century Items for sale.

From right to left we have –

  • Atomic Bedside Table/Drawer Unit
  • 1950’s Sewing Box on pokee legs
  • Rectangular 1950’s Coffee table on splayed legs
  • Awesome ‘Kidney Bean’ coffee table
  • Small Silky Oak timber case
  • Vintage wall hung first aid box

Be sure to keep an eye out in our store for these new and exciting items!

Jens Risom Table & 6 Chairs

I was lucky enough to come across an amazing Jens Risom design table a few months ago.

Mid Century Table Dining/Board Room

Manufactured from blackwood the table has a great shape (which is a little hard to see in the above photo) which instantly caught my eye. Funnily enough the store I brought it from was only 100 meters away from a very well known and large antique centre. I often wonder how many ‘dealers’ walked past this piece without ever bating an eyelid at it………

Anyway, I have been storing it away until I get the chance to completely restore it. Fast forward to the end of last week and I stumbled across 6 chairs for sale.

Retro Dining Chairs

They looked OK in the pictures, not great, however well worth a look.

Upon further inspection they turned out to be exactly what I was after. They are manufactured from the same timber, being blackwood, have the same squarish design as the base of the Jens Risom table along with a complimenting curved back support.

The use of blackwood, brass head screws for those that are exposed along with the interesting split seat design all point to these chairs being manufactured by a high quality furniture producer, possibly around the mid to late 1950’s.

Full of excitement I couldn’t wait to put the chairs with the table and see if they would match…….

Mid Century Blackwood Dining Suite

And they did, perfectly!

It may be a few months until I get the time to restore this suite to its original state, however the wait will definitely be worth it. Stay tuned for more updates.

Still Short On Space!

Every now and then, as mentioned previously in this blog post I have a ‘run’ on certain items.

It was only 2-3 weeks ago that the hallway in our home was littered with chairs. I counted 12 down one side, 4 in a spare room, 2 in another room, 6 out in the shed……….anyone that came around to visit must of thought I was in the process of throwing a party for 20+ people! Never mind though, as I believe when you come across quality items, that is the time to buy them, even if they do start to encroach our living areas!

A few weeks on and after a few sets of our chairs finding new homes the hallway was starting to look a little bare…..not for long though!

Mid Century items for sale

Within the last week I have picked up 4 new pieces that will soon be for sale both in the online store and on eBay!

From left to right we have –

A really interesting combination piece, dating from the 1950’s it incorporates a bookcase/display cabinet/telephone cabinet.

Next in line is a really cool ‘transitional’ piece that has been fully refurbished, dates from the late 1940’s/early 1950’s and has both an Art Deco influence combined with early Mid Century design/style.

Following on is a 1960’s Sideboard/Buffet heavily influenced by Parkers range of Nordic furniture. This piece is the wider model, being 180cms wide.

Last but not least is a solid timber Bookcase/Storage unit manufactured by Noblett who were based in South Australia. Circa 1960/70’s. Love the offset compartments in this piece.

If you see an item you’re interested in please don’t hesitate to contact us!