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Auction Watch # 19 – 1950’s Classic Sideboard

Came across a familiar looking sideboard on eBay tonight – albeit in a slightly different configuration to one’s I’ve posted on before.

1950's Australian Sideboard
eBay listed Snelling Sideboard

With just over 2 days left and a starting price (with no bids) of $80 it seems to be flying under the radar.  Shame it’s interstate (Victoria) or I would be posting about this listing after the fact….. 😉

To find, search eBay for – 1950’s Australian Classic Sideboard. Goodluck.

Functional Products Students Desk – Douglas Snelling

A few weeks ago I posted about a great Douglas Snelling sideboard manufactured by Functional Products Pty Ltd during the 1950’s.

Tonight I’d like to share another (rare?) piece by Snelling and Functional Products.

Australian Mid Century Desk
1950’s Queensland Maple desk

It’s a students desk, relatively simple in design however sporting those features that become ever so more recognisable each time you see them! Beautiful golden Queensland maple veneer, 4 angled front drawers and to the underside the Functional Products ink stamp.

Mid Century Australian Students Desk
Angular drawers on a Snelling Desk

Now I mentioned above the possibility of the students desk being a rare piece. In my research thus far I haven’t found another. It would of been apart of ‘The Snelling Line’ of furniture, and perhaps because of it’s simple design and looks, may of never really been thought to of had any value or significance?

Where to from here? Well, it joins the ever expanding list of items to ‘restore’. Now just to find a nice matching chair……..

Douglas Snelling Sideboard – Functional Products Pty Ltd

Of late there have been some really great ‘Snelling’ pieces available online. So much so I thought it was about time I shared a few pictures of pieces I’ve come across in my time. Some I still have in my collection, other’s I have moved onto great homes where they are appreciated and adored – not to mentioned used, everyday – making them a truly functional piece of furniture, even 60 years on!

The first is a 6 foot sideboard.

Douglas Snelling 1950's Sideboard
Beautiful Australian Mid Century Sideboard

The story of how I ended up acquiring it I’ll save for another day, but it definitely was the most challenging set of circumstances I’ve ever had to deal with.

1950's Mid Century Australian Sideboard
Douglas Snelling Sideboard

These sideboards were available in a variety of sizes and combinations (glass/doors/drawers). I’ve only seen one other thus far in the 6 foot version (in a Carters Everything Vintage book).

Great 1950's Australian manufactured sideboard.
Angled drawers of a Snelling Sideboard.

4 drawers to the left, double glass sliding doors to the middle and a single hinged timber door to the right provide beautiful proportions whilst still maintaining a great deal of functionality for everyday use.

Functional Products sideboard - circa 1950
Top view of a Snelling Sideboard. Amazing grain.

As you can see from the images, the Sideboard is in amazing condition, it didn’t get there by itself though! Various chips to the amazing Queensland maple veneer, a few loose joints and 60 years of grime had all taken it’s toll and did make it look a little tired – Enter ‘M’ the new owner – With a wealth of restoration experience ‘M’ undertook a sympathetic restoration, not to make it new again, but rather to give it a fresh breath of life to see it through the next 60 years, and what a great job he did.

Loose joints were re-glued and clamped, chips to the veneer were matched so perfectly I even forgot where they originally were! The yellow backing was given a wash and the original lacquer hand sanded ever so lightly with a new coating then being applied. The result – spectacular.

Be sure to check back, more Snelling related posts in the coming months!

Auction Watch # 7 – Snelling Rocking Chairs (Yes, plural!)

Douglas Snelling rocking chair – x 2!

The first is listed for sale (buy it now).

Douglas Snelling Chair
Super rare snelling rocking chair

The second is currently at auction and ends in just under 24 hours.

Douglas Snelling rocking chair
Awesome Snelling rocking chair

Both are definitely worth checking out. Just search eBay for ‘Snelling Rocking Chair’.

We are hoping to have a closer look at some of  the different variety of Snelling chairs available in todays market within the next few weeks.

Possible Snelling? TV/Easy/Arm Chair Update

Its been a little while since I last posted on this chair here so I thought it was time for an update seeing as though it’s sneaking its way into the background of a few my recent items, both on eBay and the online store.

Since that time the chair has been reassembled and given a couple of coats of oil to bring it to the stage that it is at below.

Silky Oak TV/Arm/easy chair

The silky oak timber came up an absolute treat!

Now onto the upholstery……I feel that the boomerang shape of the chair, along with the stunning silky oak is to good to cover and hide away from the day of light so I’m pretty positive I’m going to go with webbing only, much like the Snelling and Jens Risom designer chairs.

I’ve sampled a few different colours of webbing against the timber, and because of how rich and deep the colour is red and black webbing blend in to much, i.e the colour does not contrast against the timber. White however, much like these chairs is excellent and provides an excellent contrast against the silky oak. Stay tuned.

Early Snelling TV/Easy/Arm Chair?

I’ve had this Easy/Arm/TV Chair for a little while now. You could say that I ‘saved’ it from being turned into landfill!

The thing that instantly caught my eye was the boomerang-shaped sides and arm supports. Very Snelling like!

After doing some research and talking to a few people I still have not been able to link it to Snelling. From the materials used in the manufacture of the chair I would date it pre 1950 which is before Snellings range of famous web designed chairs. Perhaps he experimented with a few different styles before reaching his final design? Or perhaps it has no link to him at all. Or, get ready for it………….he used the design from this chair and modified it to create his own range of chairs!

No matter who manufactured it, this is a beautifully designed chair that deserves to be restored to it’s former glory, and thats exactly what I am planning to do!

Mid Century chair

Iconic Snelling Chairs

Check out these iconic kitchen chairs. Designed by Douglass Snelling and manufactured by Functional Products Pty Ltd in the late 1940’s they are instantly recognisable with their  with maple frames, tapered legs, boomerang-shaped sides, and interwoven webbing.

Mid Century Design - Snelling Chairs

Unfortunately these chairs have seen better days. The frames have various cracks from general use and have been strengthened using door hinges (why? LOL). It appears they have been restored previously (perhaps 10 – 15 years ago) with a varnish style finish and new white webbing. Unfortunately during the previous restoration the Snelling stamp on all 3 chairs has been removed however due to their design as mentioned above they are easily recognisable.

When fully restored these chairs can fetch up to $550 each. A long way away from what their starting price will be ($19.99) on eBay when I list them next week.

If you’re handy with the tools, and are looking for a new restoration project, then these chairs might be just what you’re after!

Ad for Snelling Chairs