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Summertone Bedside – Part 3

With the bedside sanded and ready for the finish to be applied I wasted no time in applying some Cabots Danish Oil. I decided to go with the Danish Oil as from previous experiences I like the protection/slight hardness it gives and it’s neutral colour which really lets the blonde QLD maple grain shine through.

Night and day?
Before and After!

4 thin coats were applied using a cotton cloth, with each coat being lightly sanded with some 800 grit wet and dry sandpaper before the next was applied.

Mid Century Australian Furniture

The results were pretty great! Lovely tones however with a varying contrast due to the timbers used, which leads me to think that the original orange/?/stain/shellac applied was probably more so to ensure that all pieces were uniform in their colouring due to the varying timbers used………Give me the au naturel look any day!

Until next time.

Retro Australian Bedside

by Summertone.

Summertone Bedside – Part 2

At the end of my last update I had removed the base/legs and was continuing to prepare the bedside for it’s new finish.

1950's bedside restoration
Sorry about the shadows!

With the bedside now in pieces I could get stuck into some fine veneer repairs along with the final preparation of the timber surfaces before reassembly.  As mentioned previously due to the thin nature of the veneer, patience is a must when sanding,  240 grit to start, 320 grit to finish.

Prepped and ready to go
Getting there

Reassembly was pretty straight forward, fresh wood glue, and with the existing screws and holes all lining up it went back together like a jigsaw puzzle, just lucky I numbered each piece!

Mid Century Bedside
Sanded, assembled and ready for a new finish

Once the glue had dried, a very light final sand with some 400 grit wet and dry was carried out in preparation for the Danish Oil to be applied.

Next up – the finished product!

Vintage North Sydney Charcoal Sketch

Tonight I thought I would share a few photos of a sketch I came across a few months ago. You may ask yourself why I would buy a charcoal sketch of a random building. Now normally I wouldn’t, but seeing as the building was able to be identified by a street address/suburb in the bottom left hand corner I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to possibly find the said owner of the random building and see if they may be interested is an original charcoal sketch of their home from 40-50 years ago.

Old Sydney Buildings
Vintage charcoal sketch 

Now I’m under no illusion on the extremely limited  market for this item however I know that I’d be rapt with an old original picture/drawing of our home if someone offered it!

So how will I get contact with the possible owners? Well I guess the only real way is to send a letter (wow, I know right?) and see if they’d possibly be interested. Fingers crossed.