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Stool Re manufacture

If you’ve browsed our online store, you may of noticed in the ‘Coming Soon’ section I’ve had a T.H Brown fondue coffee table and stool set sitting there for perhaps a little too long. The table and glass are in great condition, and were not the hold up! It was/is the 3 stools.

You see, unfortunately the original woollen upholstery is well worn and needs to be recovered. Not overly hard no. However when I started to pull one apart all those months/ years ago…..eeek I was not overly impressed with the condition, or materials used for the frame of each stool. This was a tad surprising given the reputation for furniture items manufactured by T.H Brown however I guess if it’s not to be seen, and does the job for 20 or 30 years what’s the problem? Save costs where they can…………

Anyways, back to the stools. As you can see from the images below 10mm particle board was used, along with some rough cut pine which was all held together with a few nails. Time and moisture have played their part which left the frames in pretty poor and unstable condition. There’s no way you’d ever apply new upholstery over the top! So before moving ahead I wanted to re manufacture the frames for the 3 stools to a higher quality than what was there before, to ensure they’ll last for as long as is required!

T.H Brown Fondue Table
Nice Sundays Work!

I used the base from one of the stools as a template to ensure I ended up with the same shape. This shape was traced onto 12mm plywood (much preferred than particle board although double the cost $$), 42mm x 18mm pine along with some 50mm long screws, nails, and wood glue will provide a plenty solid and long lasting frame for the new upholstery to be applied too!

Now just to select the material!

Updates will follow!

T.H Brown Stools

T.H Brown Stools – Iconic. Mid Century. Design. Just a few words to describe what i’ve been lucky enough to have in my possession for the last 2 years or so. However the time has come and they’ve now been sold to a lucky new owner hundreds of kilometres away.

Whilst giving the stools one final polish before I packaged them up I was totally blown away again! by the design, the use of timber and the high quality workmanship that went into these stools. I was so impressed that I felt it was necessary to take them out on the first day of Spring (last Saturday) and get a few final pictures for my own reference!

3 x Iconic Mid Century Bar Stools

I’ll definitely be sad to see these stools go, however a big part of what I do, and what I get enjoyment out of is finding new homes for these beautiful pieces of furniture and these are no exception!