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1950’s Vynex Sample Book

Super lucky to of found this amazing sample book of vinyl upholstery for transport and upholstery trades just last week.

Mid Century upholstery
Great selection!

Dating from the 1950’s the book contains 60+ samples of vinyl showcasing different textures, patterns, colours and finishes.

Vnyex Sample Book
Nice blurb

See just a small selection below.

Vynex colour samples
How good!

It’s amazing to recognise so many of the patterns and colours from the book on different pieces of furniture I’ve dealt with over the last 10+ years. However I must say my favourite was towards the rear of the book, and appears to of been a late inclusion as it is fixed differently to the other samples.

1950's Vynex Sample Book
Mid Century Madness!

As you can see, this finish is called ‘Satellite’ and definitely has a strong atomic influence. Reminds me very much of those 1950’s French coat/cloth/hat racks by Roger Feraud.

Auction Watch # 22 – Mid Century Corner Lounge

I don’t know what it is about them, but I’ve definitely for a thing for big lounges. Perhaps its the ‘look at me, I can seat 5+ people at once’ attitude that they give off, or the idea of the room it would be in and how it would be furnished that I’m attracted too,  but regardless, I find them really, really cool.

So it’s no surprise that I was impressed by this awesome corner lounge and two matching lounge chairs on eBay this week.

3 piece mid century corner lounge
Nice curves!
1950/60's Lounge
2 -tone vinyl!

In the right space, I think that it would look amazing! And all for the reasonable (starting price) of only $400!


Be sure to have some strong men at your disposal and large double doors into your living/lounge room to save any heart (and back) ache! Until next time.