Hypersonic Industries & A Pair Of Vintage Bar Stools

For those of you familiar with our twitter account – http://twitter.com/#!/StillBrokeENT towards the end of last week you would of seen a sneak peak of a makers label on the bottom of a seat of some kind.

Just from the manufactures name alone, being ‘Hypersonic Industries’ you get the feeling that this piece is going to be pretty cool…..and it definitely does not disappoint!

Retro 1950/60's Stools

What we have are a matching pair of vintage bar stools. Manufactured from round steel rod, these stools have a great, yet simple design. I especially love the ‘fan’ shape back support.

They were in pretty good condition for their age (I’m thinking they date from the 1950/60’s) however being all black, they were a little drab, so I undertook the task of freshening these stools up and giving them a new lease on life!

The frames were lightly sanded and then coated with a heavy duty primer, before being coated with pressure pack enamel paint. The seat upholstery, being a black vinyl is in very good condition and appears to of been recovered at some stage, and thus only required a clean with some warm, soapy water.

Be sure to check back later on in the week for the reveal!

4 thoughts on “Hypersonic Industries & A Pair Of Vintage Bar Stools

  1. Great to see these, of particular note is the seat shape which appears similar to that of Meadmore Originals “Parfait” chairs. Also seen by Hypersonic are small stools with upholstered rectangular steam curved ply seats, and kitchen chairs with upholstered backs.

  2. Thanks for the information Wendy. Do you have any more information on Hypersonic industries and other items they produced? There is a company operating out of Melbourne under that name who are now producing tubular bunk beds. The bio does say though that they have been manufacturing for the last 40 years. I might even give them a call just for curiosities sake.

    1. I know this post is pretty old but I just wanted to let you know the stools were indeed made by the same Hypersonic Industries making bunk beds presently in Melbourne. In fact, I am the company director and the stool, were designed and manufactured by my Father-in-law. I couldn’t help but reply, I love seeing pics of the products we made in the past. Great work on the restore! Nicole

      1. Hey Nicole,

        Thanks for getting in touch and sharing! It’s always great to hear from people with an intricate knowledge on items that we have a hard time identifying and finding out more information on. Your father in-law definitely done a great job designing and manufacturing these stools.

        All the best!

        Kind regards, John.

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