Auction Watch # 24 – Sunken Lounge Room Delight!

As soon as I saw this listing, the first thing that came to mind was a sunken lounge room!

Crown Casino Lounge Suite
Very cool!

The first thought came into yours was ‘here he goes with his big lounge fetish again’…..

But seriously though, can you blame me? How cool is this monstrosity of a lounge! Apparently it originated from the Mahogany room in Crown Casino – that might help explain it’s brown velour upholstery……..

So what are you waiting for? Buy now, build your lounge room around it later and then invite around 13 of your friends and converse the night away!

To find, search eBay for  – Large RETRO modular couch. But be quick, ending tomorrow PM with a starting price of $150!

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