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Here you will find a back catalogue of selected items that we have previously sold. The purpose of showing these items is to provide customers with an idea of the items that we buy and sell, along with providing an online resource to those looking for information. Although prices are not shown if there is a specific item that you would like to know the value of please contact us via our Contact Page and we will be able to give you an approximate sale price.

If you see a previously sold item that you are after, or are chasing a specific item please let us know so that we can attempt to find you that item. We meet a lot of people and cover a lot of ground so you just never know what we may turn up, we may even have the same/a similar item in storage!

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Vintage Industrial Simplex Bundy Clock
ITEM DESCRIPTION Awesome Industrial 'Simplex' bundy clock circa 1960's. Who knows where t..
Vintage Industrial Wooden Filing Box/Desk Organiser
ITEM DESCRIPTION Vintage Industrial wooden filing box/desk organiser. Great lot of storage wi..
Vintage Pair of Grey Baked Enamel Industrial/Warehouse Light Shades
Sold! ITEM DESCRIPTION A pair of Vintage Industrial/Warehouse light shades. Finished in a..
Vintage School Silky Oak Instruments Box
ITEM DESCRIPTION Vintage timber box. Due to the use of materials and style of the box I belie..
Vintage Sewing Box
ITEM DESCRIPTION Vintage sewing box. Due to the use of materials and style of the sewing box ..
Vintage Shadow Box
ITEM DESCRIPTION Vintage wall hanging shadow box. Due to the use of materials and style of th..
Wrightbilt TV Chair
ITEM DESCRIPTION 'Wrightbilt' TV Chair. Circa late 1950's - early 1960's. Great atomic st..
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