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Auction Watch # 23 – Viking Van Treight Lounge Suite

I’m really impressed with this corner lounge by Van Treight on eBay this week.

Mid Century Lounge Suite
Viking Series?

Consisting of 2 lounges (2 & 3 seater) which are joined in the corner by a nice matching coffee table it has a really nice shape – I love the sloping angles on the back rest/front of the arm rest. I’ve seen various pieces of Van Treight furniture in my time, and I must say that the quality is really, really high.

The same seller also has listed 2 single, matching arm chairs – one has a footstool. I think this presents as a nice opportunity to purchase quite a reasonable sized setting, all in one go!

1960's Australian Lounge Suite
Matching arm chairs!

With a good oiling and some fresh upholstery, I think you’d certainly be onto a winner here!

So what’s the current bid?  Well with all 3 auctions ending in 3 day, we have the –

  • Corner lounge suite and coffee table @ $51
  • High back arm chair @ $86
  • Low back arm chair with foot stool @ $87

Definitely one to keep an eye on. To find – Just search eBay for – Van Treight Viking Series

Happy bidding and Goodluck.

Jens Risom Table & 6 Chairs

I was lucky enough to come across an amazing Jens Risom design table a few months ago.

Mid Century Table Dining/Board Room

Manufactured from blackwood the table has a great shape (which is a little hard to see in the above photo) which instantly caught my eye. Funnily enough the store I brought it from was only 100 meters away from a very well known and large antique centre. I often wonder how many ‘dealers’ walked past this piece without ever bating an eyelid at it………

Anyway, I have been storing it away until I get the chance to completely restore it. Fast forward to the end of last week and I stumbled across 6 chairs for sale.

Retro Dining Chairs

They looked OK in the pictures, not great, however well worth a look.

Upon further inspection they turned out to be exactly what I was after. They are manufactured from the same timber, being blackwood, have the same squarish design as the base of the Jens Risom table along with a complimenting curved back support.

The use of blackwood, brass head screws for those that are exposed along with the interesting split seat design all point to these chairs being manufactured by a high quality furniture producer, possibly around the mid to late 1950’s.

Full of excitement I couldn’t wait to put the chairs with the table and see if they would match…….

Mid Century Blackwood Dining Suite

And they did, perfectly!

It may be a few months until I get the time to restore this suite to its original state, however the wait will definitely be worth it. Stay tuned for more updates.