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Rising Sun Gate

How do you like my gate? I like it. I like gates in general. But they have to show some element of design.

1940's House Gate
Art Deco Design

It’s always funny how once you see something, it cannot be unseen, and this rule definitely applies for gates and fences. That’s how I first noticed this design/type of gate on a local house in town, and how it shares a great resemblance (when turned on it’s side/upside down) to our logo. So naturally when I come across this one at a scrap steel merchant I had to have it.

I’m not overly sure what I’ll do with it just yet. Ideally I’d love to find another single and hang both side by side on a wall in a possible/future bricks and mortar store. Guess time will tell!

Art Deco Gate Goulburn

If you’re interested, on your next trip to work, or walk around the block with the dog take a little time and check out some design features of the gates and fences on the older homes (1940’s – 1960’s) in your area. I’m sure you’ll be surprised at what you see!

Back From Holidays

Its been a few months since our last blog post which outlined our new business name and logo. Since that time I’ve been lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in Vietnam on holidays, and as it turned out (totally by accident) our hotel in Ho Chi Minh City was only one street back from ‘Antique Street’.

Naturally I was intrigued to check out what the local ‘Antique’ shops had to offer……….Alot had early ceramics, statues and reproduction brass ornaments which weren’t of great interest, however there were a few shops that dealt in smaller, more collectable items such as vintage cameras, clocks, advertising, etc.

Now what holiday is complete without bringing back a few ‘souvenirs’? So after a few hours were spent browsing I purchased the 2 items below.

Master Crafters Model 209 Mystery Clock.

The brass object has 8 ‘spikes’ and looks pretty interesting and I think it will display quite well.

The clock, commonly referred to as a Master Crafters Model 209 Mystery Clock caught my eye straight away. With no visible working mechanism I had to buy it, even just to pull it apart and see how it works. Being that it runs on 110 volts I think at this stage it will be just purely for decoration and display, along with making an interesting conversation piece.

After a little research I found this page, which is well worth a read for more information on how this beautiful, yet extremely intriguing clock works!

Until next time!

Changing Styles

Just recently I have had in my possession 2 early sideboards/buffets. One I have a previous blog post on, being a 1950’s Parker Buffet. Since that post the piece has been restored to working order and will be coming up for auction in the coming weeks. The second one was a 1920/30’s Oak Sideboard/Buffet.

Both are beautiful pieces and originally manufactured for the same purpose – to be placed in a kitchen/dining room next to a matching dining room suite and house various cutlery, plates, dishes, jugs and so on.

Whilst doing the ‘photo shoot’ for both pieces I thought it would be beneficial to place both buffets side by side and take a few comparison shots to show the different styles of both pieces.

Comparison of 2 buffets. One Art Deco. One Mid Century

I can think of a few more different styles that could fit both before, in between and after these 2 pieces. The 1940’s style buffet was a boxy, dark veneered square bottomed piece.  The 1960’s style Buffet was a rectangular unit strongly influenced by Danish design, sitting on pokey style legs (not splayed like the above Parker buffet) and manufactured in a teak veneer.

As I come across all these smaller, different style buffets I’ll be sure to add them to the blog as a reference for different design and styles.

If you see one you like on our site or in a blog post be sure to get in contact as the Oak Buffet has already found a new home.

Lighting…It’s Everywhere!

I find every now and then I’ll have a run on a certain item, and what I mean by that is I can go weeks, even months without seeing a certain type of item, and then within say a 2 week period all I’ll come across is that item!

Well, as you guessed of late I’ve been finding a heap of lighting related items.

Retro Ball Lamps, Enamel light fittings, Art Deco lighting

Top left is a retro pair of matching ‘ball’ or ‘egg’ style lamps. Probably my favourite lighting piece at the moment. Made to a very high quality with both the height and direction of the lamp being adjustable.

Top right is an Art Deco chandelier. A beautiful piece. There is also a matching 3 arm chandelier if you wanted a matching pair. Would make an impressive statement in an entry/foyer of a early 20th century home.

Bottom left, again another pair. Nice industrial feel to these shades. Light grey enamel coating to the outside. I think these would go great in an industrial style kitchen/dining room. I can see these hanging down above the main dining table or island bench in the kitchen.

Bottom right is a black retro lantern style light fitting with slivers of multi coloured plastic around the outside. I cannot wait to have one of these wired up hanging above out kitchen bench to see how it looks! Great thing about this fitting is that there are 6 of them which would give you the opportunity to line a long hallway, or as above have a few hanging down above your kitchen bench. I think if you were to hang these above a bench you could stagger the height of them for that extra WOW factor.

All will be available in the online store, or on eBay within the next month or so.