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NSW State Ballot Box

Over the past long weekend I came across this interesting ballot box.

Broad arrow stamped ballot box
NSW State Ballot Box

Straight away my eye was drawn to the ‘broad arrow’ symbol, which was used to mark and identify  items that belonged to the government/military. Add that symbol to the other writing that is on the front of the box along with the purpose made slot and lockable lid and it looks like this is an original NSW State Ballot Box.

Manufactured from a heavy gauge galvanised steel the box is very sturdy, however I do wonder about it’s size. I’d imagine in a city/town with a large population it would have to be emptied reasonably often.

When questioning the seller about its origins, he was told it was from the Wollongong region (approx 1 of 20 that was used in the area) and dates from the 1950’s/60’s.

A quick search online turns up one other from the Central Coast region which appears to be almost identical.

Definitely a great piece of NSW government history, hoping to have it in the online store next weekend!

Atomic magazine rack, no its a coffee table, no wait it’s a standing lamp……….

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to come across a magazine rack  in an antique store whilst on holidays which was extremely similar to the one I been restoring, however this one was a slightly modified version, being a combination between magazine rack/coffee table and standing lamp.

Coffee Table 1950
Retro magazine rack

It was great to see another one floating around (although slightly different). I previously mentioned about researching what the original divider would of looked like, and ended up coming up with my own variation after my research failed to shed any light on it (which in my opinion kicks ass compared to the boring, rectangular shape divider used in the original). It was also handy to see the original fastening method of the frame to the central rack.

Mid Century Mix
Coffee table/magazine rack/standing lamp

Would you believe that since then I’ve come across another? Always the way though, never around when you’re looking for one, and plentiful when you’re not.

Standing lamp
Mid Century combo piece