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Vintage Cocktail Items

Sometimes, it’s the small things that can bring the biggest smile. That statement definitely rings true to this great little ‘cocktail set’ that someone put together 50 years ago!

Great bar mixers
1960’s Cocktail Items

Originally thinking it was an old empty chocolate box, you can imagine my surprise when I lifted the lid and the burst of colour from the glass straws/swizzle sticks hit my eyes!

Delving a little deeper into the box and we also have a beautiful set of teal coloured drink coasters, pink plastic cocktail sticks/toothpicks and 5 plastic ‘swizzle sticks’.

Swizzle Sticks and Cocktails
Great 1960’s Cocktail set and items.

I was curious as to why there was a Qantas branded swizzle stick in the box, which did look a little out of place, and when researching the ‘Wentworth Hotel’ branded swizzle sticks it all became clear. According to Wikipedia – Qantas, in 1966, diversified its business by opening the 450 room Wentworth Hotel in Sydney.  So not only were they promoting their brand new hotel, but the famous airline also!

It’s nice to know that these items were treasured and taken care of, only to be brought out to impress the visitors when throwing what I am sure would of been a fabulous cocktail party. A pleasant thought compared to todays throwaway society…….


Toy Beachcomber House

How great is this toy/model ‘Beachcomber’ house?

1960's Retro House toy
Vintage Beachcomber house timber model

What’s a beachcomber house I hear you ask? Well, to put it simply it was a project home that was designed and built during the 1960’s. For more information I highly reccommend taking a look at http://www.beachcomberhouse.com.au/. There is some excellent information and images available and well worth the visit.

Now although the roofline is slightly different on our toy beachcomber, the similarities are way too great to ignore! The angular lines, the stairway, the veranda! Just awesome!

With the ‘Illawarra Toy Library’ marked to the underside it definitely has a coastal background, along with the wear that shows the 100’s of hours of play it sustained keeping many children amused.

It’s a little hard to say whether it was a commercially produced item or not, however I’m more so leaning to the idea that it was likely a one off created by a father for his child and dates from the 1960’s/70’s? Perhaps he even sought inspiration from the home he and his family were living in at the time?

Either way it’s a great little piece of Modernist Australia. Should be listed on the site for sale by week’s end.

Shine Your Shoe?

Picked up this little shoe shine box a few weeks ago from a recycle centre.  I was almost going to keep on walking but there was something about it that just had me intrigued.

Perhaps it was it’s simple construction, or the ever popular teal blue colour it is painted. It’s well worn and would of had a countless number of shoes polished on it. I don’t really think it would have been used for a source of income, however you never know? Maybe that’s where the intrigue (for me anyways) comes from.

Best things about it? It’s still as functional today as it was 30 – 50 years ago! Simply to tie your shoelace and save your back, or for a good polish this piece will slide straight into your entry hallway, back veranda, sit at your front/back door!

Shine your shoe?
Cute little shoe shine box.

Hacker Teapots

A few months ago I came across an unusual teapot that was labeled as being made from an ‘old shell’. It was in pretty good condition, bar the fact that the solder on the hinge had come loose. Fast forward to just last weekend, and I come across another teapot by the same manufacturer. This one is made out of stainless steel and has a mid century look to it and just like the teapot from months earlier, the original pin from the hinge is missing.

Let’s hope the universe isn’t trying to tell me something! LOL

They won’t take too much to repair, and I look forward to cleaning them up and getting them online.

Vintage Teapot
Mid Century ‘Hacker’ Teapot?


NSW State Ballot Box

Over the past long weekend I came across this interesting ballot box.

Broad arrow stamped ballot box
NSW State Ballot Box

Straight away my eye was drawn to the ‘broad arrow’ symbol, which was used to mark and identify  items that belonged to the government/military. Add that symbol to the other writing that is on the front of the box along with the purpose made slot and lockable lid and it looks like this is an original NSW State Ballot Box.

Manufactured from a heavy gauge galvanised steel the box is very sturdy, however I do wonder about it’s size. I’d imagine in a city/town with a large population it would have to be emptied reasonably often.

When questioning the seller about its origins, he was told it was from the Wollongong region (approx 1 of 20 that was used in the area) and dates from the 1950’s/60’s.

A quick search online turns up one other from the Central Coast region which appears to be almost identical.

Definitely a great piece of NSW government history, hoping to have it in the online store next weekend!

Vintage North Sydney Charcoal Sketch

Tonight I thought I would share a few photos of a sketch I came across a few months ago. You may ask yourself why I would buy a charcoal sketch of a random building. Now normally I wouldn’t, but seeing as the building was able to be identified by a street address/suburb in the bottom left hand corner I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to possibly find the said owner of the random building and see if they may be interested is an original charcoal sketch of their home from 40-50 years ago.

Old Sydney Buildings
Vintage charcoal sketch 

Now I’m under no illusion on the extremely limited  market for this item however I know that I’d be rapt with an old original picture/drawing of our home if someone offered it!

So how will I get contact with the possible owners? Well I guess the only real way is to send a letter (wow, I know right?) and see if they’d possibly be interested. Fingers crossed.

Auction Watch # 3 – Wrought Iron Gates

Whilst browsing a Mid Century/Retro Homes for sale (in Australia) Facebook page I came across an eBay link to the set of vintage wrought iron gates below.

Retro double gates. 1960's
Beautiful vintage ‘Peacock’ wrought iron gates

Straight away I was in awe of their beauty, and not to mention their starting price. At the time, they were $150 with no bids! Amazing. But fast forward to tonight and with just under 24 hours left the price is currently sitting at $510. Cheap? I think so. Where would you ever find another set of gates like this?

I’m glad to see that they’ll be going to a good home where they’ll be loved and looked after for another 50 years!

If you wish to see the progress of the auction and the final price,  just search eBay for ‘vintage wrought iron gates decorative’.