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Anvils – Pure Heavy Metal m/ m/

Tonight I thought I would put up a preview of 3 Anvils that will soon beĀ available to purchase from our online store.

Antique lot of 3 Anvils

We have 2 ‘hand made’ anvils, which were fashioned out of old railway track (one dates 12/1911) whilst the other is a Peter Wright Anvil.

The Peter Wright weighs in at 67lbs/30kgs and is in good condition for its age. The face has good rebound along with a nice ring to it when struck. All 3 would make an excellent addition to any collection!

Be sure to keep an eye out for more blacksmith related items coming up for sale in the next few months!


Blacksmith Tools – Bottom Swage

One of the things I enjoy chasing are good quality old tools. Whether it be old chisels, hand planes, axes, socket sets, hammers, spanners, etc I really appreciate the workmanship and quality that old tools possess.

Alot of the time a large majority of the tools I buy (with the intention of selling) end up in my own collection. This one however, will be going to auction.

Its a half round bottom swage that a blacksmith would of used in his anvil to shape hot steel from the forge. The interesting thing about this swage though are it’s markings.

Clearly stamped with the Broad Arrow and ‘DD’ (standing for Department of Defence) this swage definitely has an Australian military history.

I wonder what early military tools this bottom swage helped create…….?

Broad Arrow Department of Defence Tool