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Meadmore Style Outdoor Garden Chairs

I spotted these Meadmore style outdoor garden chairs just around the corner from our home a few weeks ago. I was surprised that I had never noticed them before, especially considering how many times I’ve walked by with the dog.

Vintage outdoor garden chairs

After a few failed attempts in making contact with the owner, I was finally able to purchase these awesome designed chairs.

After sitting outside for the last 20-30 years they are a little worse for wear, however structually they are in great condition. The frames of the chairs are manufactured from 1/2 inch steel rod which had been plastic wrapped for protection. They do possess an interesting feature being the arm rests/supports that wrap around the back of the chair. The seat & back support are also manufactured from steel rod/wire (being a thinner gauge).

I’m really looking forward to stripping these back, and then hitting them with a really bright colour. Possibly a Chrome Yellow, or a Burnt Orange! They definitely have the potential to be the centre piece in any vintage/industrial/retro inspired space!

Hypersonic Stools – Take 2

Following on from last weeks post on the matching pair of Hypersonic bar stools tonight I can reveal the finished product.

Meadmore Style Vintage Bar Stools

I am very happy with the end result. I feel the gloss red enamel paint really contrasts well against the black vinyl upholstery. I have a sneaking suspicion that originally the colours would of been reversed, much like a similar chair I recently came accross on eBay.

Be sure to keep an eye on our online store. The stools will be listed for sale within the next week or so!